5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude | Day 1

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Thanksgiving Devotional: Day 1

On a Monday morning last spring, my husband and I were inside Big R, unable to focus on the garden trowel we went in to purchase because we had spotted some baby chicks.

We had talked about getting chickens for awhile. That day, we ended up calling my dad and asking him what kind of fencing he might have that we could use to house some feathered friends.

Before we knew it, we were on our way to pick up his large dog crate, some chicken fencing, and six baby chicks!

The boys were all in school and had no idea what would be waiting for them when they got home. They were excited and shocked to come home and find the chickens.

After hearing our exciting news, a great friend built us an amazing coop.

Yes, he built one and delivered it to us one night during small group at our house. It took six guys to get that coop off the flatbed. God worked through him and our family is forever thankful.

Why Did the Chicken Hop the Fence?

The chickens are about 5.5 months old now and they are hilarious. They make us laugh every single day.

We have a mother hen and she takes her job very seriously. She “calls” them to bed at night and if one or two of them take too long to make their way into the coop, she comes back out to get them.

If she lays down to sunbathe, several of the others lay down to sunbathe, too.

When we are home during the day “the girls” get to free range in our yard surrounded by a chain link fence.

At one point, a few of them had gotten curious and jumped on the fence, and then went out of our yard. Thankfully none of them have gotten hurt but we did have to clip their flying wings. Nobody has gotten out since we clipped them.

Tonight, after supper, my husband and I heard a noise on our fence. We thought one of the girls had gone over. All were safe when we checked.

We think one of them tried to go over but didn’t make it to the top. We stood there watching them for a few minutes to see if another chicken made an attempt.

Sure enough, one of our Buff Orphingtons looked up at that fence and prepared herself for an attempt.

Before she got a chance, our mother hen ran over to her at full speed and pecked her, then leaped into the air and jumpkicked her with both feet!

My husband and I lost it. We stared at each other making sure we both saw the same thing. We sure did and we had so much fun recreating it for our kids who didn’t get to see it.

Who Jumpkicks You When You Need It?

After the excitement wore off, it got me thinking about our mother hen.

She knew trouble was coming and she put herself right in its path to keep our other chicken from getting out of the yard.

It made me think of community. The importance of doing life together.

Who in your life guides you? Not necessarily your “mother hen” but somebody you know you can go to no matter what? That person who is kind and listens with an abundance of grace?

Growing an Attitude of Gratitude

Read Philippians 1:3-11 and spend some time appreciating the people in your life who love you well.

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