Transform your Home + Family with a Homemaking Coach

A peek inside this post: Considering working with a homemaking coach and wondering if it’s for you? Read the benefits of using a homemaking coach, including passion and purpose, reduced stress, clarity, and lasting change, and then meet the homemaking coaches at Just Homemaking! We would love to be your homemaking coaches and help you live your BEST homemaking life– the kind you dream about!

Using a homemaking coach can transform your home into a more efficient, organized, and enjoyable space.

Whether you’re struggling with clutter, time management, or just want to create a more harmonious living environment, a homemaking coach can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals (after helping you determine what those goals are, of course!)

Beyond having a well-functioning home, a good homemaking coach will help you find passion and purpose in this important role!

Read on to see the benefits of using a homemaking coach, and then consider working with us– three homemaking coaches with loads of experience at a very affordable price. (Hey, we’re all homemakers here and know what it’s like to live on modest budgets!)

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01| Clarity and direction

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: clarity and direction

Let’s face it– homemakers have a ton of work to do and a lot to balance. A homemaking coach will help you determine what to focus on based on what’s important to you and your family.

02| Achievable goals

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: achievable goals

Sometimes goals can feel too big.

A good homemaking mentor will ask questions to help you identify what your own homemaking goals even are, and then break those goals down into small, actionable steps so you see small victories right away.

03| Motivation

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: motivation

Your homemaking coach will find new and exciting ways to keep you motivated, turning the mundane into the meaningful!

04| Passion and purpose

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: passion and purpose

Using a homemaking coach will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself; your strengths, weaknesses, work habits, skills, talents, and preferences.

Then, you’ll learn to leverage this knowledge about yourself in order to create a home that you love, in a way that works for you.

05| Continued growth

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: continued growth

As a homemaker, you’ll never be done learning and growing, and that’s an exciting thing! A homemaking coach will help you continue to grow and develop in your role through different stages and changing seasons.

06| Efficiency

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: efficiency

Working with a homemaking coach will help you develop better time management, organization, and systems.

07| Confidence and competence

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: confidence and competence

As you invest in yourself and your homemaking abilities, your confidence will grow and you’ll feel more competent in this important role. You’ll learn how to be a happy homemaker (for real)!

08| Reduced stress

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: reduced stress

A homemaking coach will help you manage your home in a way that brings peace to your home, family, and self.

Rather than reacting to chaos around you, you’ll be managing your home on purpose and with purpose.

09| True transformation and lasting change

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: true transformation and lasting change

Your homemaking coach will guide you through sustainable changes rather than quick fixes. Your homemaking journey will become an enjoyable, transformative process!

10| Tailored approach and flexibility

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: tailored approach and flexibility

A good homemaking mentor will help you take her process and tailor it to your needs. One size almost never fits all, so finding a system that is flexible for your unique circumstances and personality is crucial.

11| Experience and expertise

Benefits of using a homemaking coach: experience and expertise

When you work with a homemaking coach, you’re banking on her experience and expertise. You can think of it as a fast-track to avoid all the hard-learned lessons and years of riding on the homemaking struggle bus.

Of course, you’ll have your own hurdles to overcome, and there’s tremendous value in that, but it’s nice to travel on a road that’s been paved by others so the ride isn’t quite so bumpy.


We are Suzanne, Jenna, and Melissa! The three of us all started our homemaking journeys at young ages. We were inexperienced and overwhelmed.

The homemaking coaches at Just Homemaking: Jenna, Suzanne, and Melissa

Thankfully, homemaking is an area where you continue to learn and grow and improve, which we all did, by the grace of God.

Now, we’re taking our combined 45+ years of homemaking experience and sharing what we’ve learned with other homemakers; women like you who want to be intentional in the way they love and care for their homes and families.


When you partner with us, you’re getting THREE homemaking coaches. We have combined our experience and hard-learned lessons to develop our course, Renew Your Homemaking, so you’ll be on your way to being the kind of homemaker you DREAM about!

Renew Your Homemaking digital course
What's Included:
-Easy to follow directions + tutorial video
-Course videos
-Course Workbook (PDF)
- Heart Change Devotional
- 3 Homemaking Tools

In the course, you’ll experience all the benefits of working with a homemaking coach that we talked about above. 

And after the course, you can continue your growth and development with group coaching in our private community of like-minded homemakers.

We can’t wait to link arms with you and help you live your best homemaking life! 



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