Ponder and Treasure: A Christmas Devotion for Moms

A peek inside this post: Are you looking for a Christmas devotion for moms specifically? Enjoy quiet reflections with this moms devotional for Christmas, including 25 days of journal prompts to help you ponder and treasure all things like Jesus’ mother, Mary, did. This printable Christmas devotional for moms has just what you need if you are looking for a Christmas devotion for women to do by yourself, or a Christmas devotion for ladies group night!

I am sitting here thinking back on this year and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, and I feel torn. That’s what led me to write this Christmas Devotion about Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Part of me still feels stuck back in March 2020 where life abruptly stopped and a “new normal” began, and the other part of me is so ready to celebrate Christmas so that we can have something filled with hope to enjoy.

Maybe you can relate, Friend? What a strange time we are living in.

2020 was a year of quarantine, e-learning, fears, worries, lock-downs, masks, weight-gain (just me?), and all of the other circumstances that made up a pretty crazy roller coaster. If I would have told you a year ago, “One year from now you will be frustrated about the way someone is wearing/not wearing their mask,” you probably would have laughed at me.

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In the midst of the crazy, I have also talked to so many people who have seen incredible things happen this year.

For us, we have a senior in high school. His year hasn’t looked anything like we thought it would look, but we have had more time with him than we would have imagined having with someone getting ready to fly the coop. It definitely doesn’t look the way we imagined, but I am not sad about the extra time I have had with him and all of my kids.

Even in the midst of one of the weirdest years ever, I can still treasure these days in my heart and look for, and celebrate, the joy and the gifts from God.

If things have been hard and this season has left you lonely, afraid, and sad, I invite you to join me in this Christmas Devotion for December. Let’s look to Jesus, and see that He is our treasure, no matter what. He is the God who heals, restores, and fills us up with Himself. 

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How to Ponder and Treasure all things (like Mary did) this Christmas season

I can’t help but think of the mother of Jesus and how crazy her world must have felt from the minute she heard the words, “Do not fear.” When I read through Luke 1 and 2, it is clear that Mary didn’t grab hold of fear, she took the words of the Lord as truth and delighted in her Savior.

God gave us Jesus to give us salvation, and there is no greater gift.

Mary seemed to know that peace immediately when the angel started talking to her. She trusted God and was ready to do as the angel said. Wow! She displayed so much faith.

I would like to think that I would respond like that, but I’m just not sure. I can so easily be distracted by the things of the world, that sometimes I miss what God is doing. During this season, I don’t want to be distracted.

Mary is such an inspiration. ‭I want to learn from her this holiday season and emulate her actions from Luke 2:19. May you do the same with this Christmas Devotion about Mary.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Luke 2:19

In Luke 2, the Bible describes that after Mary gives birth in a barn, and is entertaining an entire crew of shepherds, she treasured these things and pondered them in her heart. Things didn’t have to be perfect for her to treasure, and things don’t have to be perfect for us either.

In the midst of the crazy, we can take time to praise our Savior, and to enjoy what He’s done. 

Stop, ponder, enjoy, treasure…because the fear of the future can overshadow the joy of the present. Don’t let it! Tell your stories, and think of all of the ways Jesus has answered your prayers.

25 Day Christmas Devotional for Moms

Mama, here are 25 prompts to help you ponder and treasure, like Mary did, this Christmas season.

You can read through and journal one question per day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas, or you can just do a couple at a time. The point is to ponder the miracles and joys you’ve seen in your life, and to take time to treasure the gifts the Lord has given us. 

>>>This list of daily Christmas devotions for Moms is available in a printable PDF format below!

woman's hands resting on an open bible
  1. Remember the first time you knew you were saved by Jesus. How did you feel and why did you want to follow him?
  2. What were the emotions and circumstances the day you became a parent?
  3. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up, and how did that affect who you are today?
  4. Who is the first person you told about becoming a mom and why did you choose them?
  5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition to do with your kids?
  6. What was your favorite tradition that you had as a kid, and do you do that as a mom?
  7. Do you remember picking out your first set of baby clothes?
  8. What was it like preparing for a baby? Remember the journey to becoming a mom.
  9. Did you enjoy the process of picking out baby’s name? Was it easy or hard, and did the name have a special meaning, or did you name your baby after someone? If so, think about why that name is so special or why that person means so much to you.
  10. Think back to how many kids you wanted when you were younger. How did that turn out? 
  11. Think about your Baptism or Dedication, and how you want to tell your kids about those events in your life. 
  12. Think about the stage your kids are in right now, and process if you are in an “easier” or “harder” season. 
  13. Describe your first Christmas as a mom. 
  14. During the holidays, what would an ideal day look like for you?
  15. What did you think being a mom would be like when you were a kid?
  16. List some of your favorite things that happened this year.
  17. What are some of your favorite gifts your kiddo has given you?
  18. Think about one of your favorite Christmases as a kid, and take some time to tell someone about it.
  19. Think of a hard season of “momming” that you’ve made it through.
  20. Who is someone that could use some encouragement this holiday season, and how can you do that?
  21. What are some of your favorite homemade gifts that your kids have given you from school?
  22. Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves. How about today, instead, list your favorite things about the way you parent.
  23. Take some time and list a few of each of your children’s strengths.
  24. What are some ways that you can take the hope of Jesus at Christmas into the New Year?
  25. Do you feel like you relate to Mary at all? Think about her journey and process the similarities and differences. How, like Mary, can you treasure this season of your life?

Your Printable Christmas Devotional

Download your Printable Christmas Devotional for Moms. Spend intentional time this December season pondering and treasuring your life, just like Mary did.

Take notes and journal your way through these 25 prompts. Spend time being thankful, praying, and listening for God as Christmas Day approaches.

Ponder and Treasure: A Christmas devotion for Moms

Final Thoughts on this Christmas Devotion for Women

These days might be some of our hardest, but in the midst of them we can hold onto John 14:27.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

John 14:27

In the midst of the worry and the yuck, you can hold on to peace!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas Devotion for Moms. No matter what happens around us, Jesus is peace. We can choose that during this season and all through the year!

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Ponder and Treasure: A Christmas Devotion for Moms


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