21 Meaningful Fall Bucket List Ideas for the Christian Mom

A Look Inside: Ready for fall fun, crisp weather, pumpkin treats, and comfy sweaters? Me too! Let’s commit to self care for fall and use this free printable fall bucket list to check them off as we go! This Christian Mom Fall Bucket List will help us all enjoy the season and soak up all its goodness!

Sometimes, turning the page to a new season is hard, but turning the page to fall is never sad for me.

I know there are some people who hate saying goodbye to summer. My husband happens to be one who mourns the loss of summer every year. I love fall and chilly weather so much that there are times when he says negative things about being cold and it has disproportionately hurt my feelings.

This year, I’ve asked him if he would try looking forward to creating a cozy, calm atmosphere. Instead of fretting about the cold, I asked if he could look forward to our warm, snug ambiance. He’s all in!

So, will you join us too?

Whether you love fall or dread it, come along with us on this Christian Mom Fall bucket list journey. Try to find the warm and cozy everywhere you go and you will find yourself enjoying fall to the fullest this year.

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Self Care For Fall

This, my friends, is a bucket list challenge for moms. I wanted to call it a challenge so that we will push ourselves to create intentional space to care for ourselves this fall. We can challenge ourselves to finish this entire list, or pick one or two things to do.

I like to dream about the perfect fall day.

It would be crisp and chilly. In my perfect fall day, I would take this bucket list and do everything on it. A perfectly indulgent day filled with self-care, yummy pumpkin treats, and lots of fall decor and candles.

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That is not actually my reality (and if it’s yours, please share your secrets!), but if it were, it would look just like this list.

So, indulge yourself for a day or for little bits and pieces during the entire fall. Either way, take some time to enjoy the goodness of the season.

>>Don’t miss the printable version of this list towards the end of this post!

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Christian Mom Fall Bucket List

The best way to start a self-care bucket list is to check in with your heart. How is your heart with Jesus? Let’s start there:

1. Start a new Bible-Study Plan or Devotional

A great option is available on the youversion bible app.

Woman reading her Bible

2. Begin a Gratitude Journal

Everyday is a new day to be grateful. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you are thankful for. Write it down, or set a reminder on your phone to ask yourself every day what you are thankful for. 

>>You could also try our 5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude Thanksgiving Devotion for Women!

3. Be Inspired By the Trees and Let Something Go

Author and Speaker, Bob Goff, talks about “Quit something Thursday.” Along the same idea, be inspired by the leaves and let something go. For example, let go of other people’s expectations and judgements. Your winter self will thank you!

But let’s not start talking about winter yet because first we need to:

4. Decorate for Fall

You can go to the dollar tree and grab a few things in warm oranges and mustard yellow to make your home feel like fall, or you can go to every store within a 50 mile radius and get every decoration you can find.

Create a space that feels like fall to you.

Remember, it’s not about the money you spend, but about the atmosphere you are creating. Do you love it? Then it is perfect! Don’t forget that we have amazing printables that you can use to inspire your decorations right here: Simple Fall Printables: Home Decor for Practically Nothing

Simple Fall Printables on a 3-tier tray

While you are decorating, you can also do a little Pinterest challenge…

5. Pin a Fall Craft on Pinterest (and actually do it)

Here are some fun and easy ideas.

While you are crafting, you’ll need some ambiance so here’s the next challenge on the list:

6. Light the Candle That You’ve Been Saving for a Special Occasion

This is the special occasion you’ve been waiting for. Make the season full of great sensory experiences starting with that autumn scented candle that makes your eyes and nose happy.

Fall candle lit on the table

Then, when you find yourself in a warm orange and gold atmosphere, you’ll probably want something delicious to eat.

7. Bake Something Pumpkin or Apple

Every September for the last couple years, we go to a friend’s house to pick apples. It is such a fun fall bucket list activity.

However, my favorite part is when we get home and I can make applesauce, apple crisp, and pork and apples in the crockpot. I love how the house smells and I love feeling productive. It is such a joy to make something from beginning to end.

I also love opening a can of pure pumpkin and making some yummy pumpkin bars. The flavors of fall are my absolute favorite.

>>Try these yummy and Simple Fall Recipes for Kids!

It is a little gift to be surprised by how much I love a new recipe. My youngest eats totally gluten free and we made the best pumpkin bars. She was so excited that she could actually eat them, and the rest of my kids had no idea they were different. If you eat gluten free too, try these.

Our next few on the list are going to get us out in nature to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

8. Fall Photo Shoot with the Fam

I go through some serious ups and downs when it comes to my weight and my view of myself. I am my own worst critic when it comes to how I look in photos, so much so, that I would rather not even be in the picture. Then, when I look back at pictures later, I wonder if I was even at the event. Oh yeah, I was the one taking the photo!

How about you? Do you get in the picture?

When our kids are looking back at their lives in pictures, they’re going to want to see their mom. They won’t judge her appearance, they’ll just be happy she’s in there. So, pick out those matching sweaters (or not!) and smile like you mean it!

Read more about embracing your Mom body in my Open Letter to Myself on My Birthday.

9. Plant Bulbs for Next Year

There is something so cathartic about planting seeds and knowing it is going to take time to see the results. It is a metaphor for investing in the future and knowing you have to wait to see what happens.

The fall is a good reminder of all of the things that we are waiting on. With faith, and God’s good gifts, beauty comes from the mess.

Try searching on Nature Hills Nursery’s website for some inspiration. They are a company we’ve ordered from before and have written a review on if you’re concerned about ordering online.

10. Take a Long Walk in Nature 

Take deep breaths and enjoy fall. These days pass by too quickly, and if we’re not intentional, we will miss the good stuff!

Go outside and catch a sunset, or go to a path that is known for its beauty and enjoy the pleasure of slowing down.

11. Host or Attend a Bonfire

There’s nothing like the glow of a fire to help you relax.

I’m challenging myself to just be a part of the fire this time. No s’mores or treats. Just relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, those things are fun, but usually I am so busy fixing everything for everyone else that I don’t relax.

This is a challenge for moms, remember? Just kick your feet up and enjoy the view. 

12. Post a Selfie (DON’T Overthink It) in a Fall Setting

Fall selfie of mom and daughter

You know how you feel when you’ve had a great fall experience?

You take that selfie and don’t think about it again until you get in the vehicle to go home. As you look through the pics, you realize you don’t love any of them. So, you don’t post anything and feel a little disappointed because the picture doesn’t reflect the picture in your head of the great time you just enjoyed.

Or is that just me? 

Challenge: Post it anyway! When you look back, it will remind you just how much fun you had! You won’t regret it!

13. Take a Fall Foliage Drive

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and see the bigger picture. The leaves look beautiful right in front of you, but intentionally leaving your home to see and appreciate God’s artwork can be even more inspiring.

Drive through fall scene

Take your time and enjoy the view. You might be surprised what you will find along the way. It might be you.

Getting home from an intentional drive might make you want to spoil yourself, so you can do these next few things on the same night, or spread them out and enjoy them on separate occasions.

14. Take an Epsom Salt Bath

The benefits of an epsom salt soak are amazing. It can relax you, soothe sore muscles, detoxify your body, and help you de-stress.

If a bath isn’t an option, just soak your feet in really hot water and salt. It’s a very inexpensive way to treat yourself.

"Treat Yo Self" from Parks and Rec tv show

15. Create a “Stay at Home” Spa Night

So many fun ways to pamper yourself from home!

There are easy facial and hair mask recipes to be found on Pinterest, but I love just throwing together my own facial recipe. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Facial scrub

  • ½ cup of coconut oil 
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil
  • 2 drops of lemon essential oil

(If you don’t have the oils, leave them out.)

Just leave it on your face for about 5 minutes and gently wash it off with a warm washcloth. 

16. Give Yourself (or Get) a Mani/Pedi

I always feel better when my nails are done, and I like doing them myself. It sort of makes me feel like, even if my world is falling apart, at least my nails look good.

Woman's hand with nails painted

Whether you DIY your nails or get them done professionally, try a new fall color. I love a good, dark color in the fall and I like to have fun with patterns and accent nails.

Whatever is in your price range, have fun with it and at least your nails will look good!

17. Wear Cozy Socks, Sip Tea or Cider, and Read Something for Fun

It doesn’t matter if you read a magazine, a historical fiction romance, or the latest self-help book, just get cozy.

Sip something warm and enjoy the feeling of intentional quiet and relaxation.  Remember those candles we lit? If you liked it before, go ahead and do that again. Set the mood and enjoy!

The next two were inspired by a quote I heard the other day: “Selfless care is also self care.” When I am loving or serving others, my heart gets filled up. When we see someone in need, and we get to help be part of the solution, love abounds. Then that love spills out everywhere we go. We can take good care of our hearts by loving others well!

18. Send a Friend a Fall Inspired Card or Care Package

Think of a friend who might need a pick-me-up and spread some fall cheer. Maybe I just made that up, but it doesn’t have to be Christmas to spread cheer, you know!

My love language is gifts, so I love to put together a good care package.

Friend giving gift hugging

You can put a little note in it saying, “Orange you glad it’s fall?” Fill it with orange and fall-inspired items. Have fun with it and make the other person feel loved at the same time!

19. Rake a Friend’s or Neighbor’s Yard

Just go find a need and meet it.

If you don’t rake, or don’t live in a neighborhood with trees, then find a way to serve and love your neighbor. You’ll make your neighborhood better, feel accomplished, and maybe you’ll just fill up your “love-tank” in the process. 

20. Try a New Crockpot Recipe

While you are enjoying all things fall inspired, you can be happy knowing that your yummy dinner is doing its thing in the slow cooker.

Dinner in a crockpot

I highly recommend trying new crockpot recipes all season long. There are so many soups and chilis to try. What is not to love about a warm bowl of goodness at the end of a chilly day?

Also, if you want more than soup and need some easy weeknight crockpot dinners that are simple and delicious, Melissa did all the work for us.

The last thing on the list is the hardest for me. 

21. Unplug For a Day

“Unplugging” takes preparation and planning. Boundaries can be set so that everyone knows what we’re up to and can help us stay the course. 

There are so many ways to unplug. This could be a version of a fast, or just a way to reset.

Some of us might not want to use anything electronic all day long, and some of us might choose to not spend any time on social media for the day. Whatever the decision, remember that the point is to power down and be present in the daily moments.

This box on the checklist can be easily combined with any of the others from the list. When we unplug, there’s more room for other things.

So, go ahead and bake that recipe or go for that walk. Don’t stress about the details, and just enjoy the moments.

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Start your Christian Mom Fall Bucket List Today

This might not be very easy to make happen in the midst of the hubs, kids, laundry, schooling, dinner-making, and everyone’s to-do lists, but try it and see what happens.

Communicate your thoughts with your family and let them know that you would like to complete this Christian Mom Fall bucket list challenge. Help them make their own bucket lists, and cheer each other on to completion. 

Whatever the fall may throw at us, the goal is to relax and enjoy it. To take care of ourselves as we take care of everyone else. We need to be intentional about doing things that help us stay grounded and calm in the midst of the crazy. 

I hope this fall bucket list for moms inspires you, and reminds you of the beauty that God gives in each season. 

Happy fall y’all!

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