Homemaker Motivation: Find Passion and Purpose in your role

A peek inside this post: Need a little inspiration in your homemaking role? (Hint: It’s hiding behind passion and purpose.) Let’s go find your homemaker motivation!

Are you feeling a little unmotivated in your homemaking role?

I get it.

Homemaking day in and day out can feel monotonous, boring, and somehow, simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming. I’ve been there!

As the years and seasons have gone by in my 17+ years of being a wife, mama, and homemaker, I’ve found that passion and purpose in this beautiful role comes when you start to treat it like a real job: one where you can express yourself and feel confident and competent to do it well.

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Need a little homemaking motivation? Hint: It's hiding behind passion + purpose. Let's go find it!

I have five quick tips for your homemaker motivation today, and then at the bottom of this post, I have something for you that will REALLY inspire the way you approach homemaking!

Motivation for Homemakers


Motivation for homemakers: approach homemaking like a career.

(woman cooking in her kitchen)

When you treat homemaking like a real job, you show up differently. You know that there’s work to be done every day, and it’s your space to manage properly.

And, when you approach your homemaking as if it were your career, you understand that it’s a long game.

No one starts a new job and expects to know everything right away. Instead, you look ahead and keep improving in areas that are important for growth in your role.


Motivation for homemakers: Learn from others.

(woman working on her computer)

You can learn so much from other people! Friends, family, mentors, and (ahem) online homemaking coaches, can give so much insight into different ways to do things.

From budgeting, cleaning, and creating systems, to meal planning, laundry, and fellowship— we all have so much to learn from each other!


Motivation for homemakers: Customize, customize, customize.

(woman dancing with her daughter)

With all the information that’s out there, it can be tempting to try to make your life look like theirs. But if you really want to know how to be a happy homemaker, you have to learn how to take the information that’s given to you and adapt it to fit your needs.

Homemaking is not a one-size-fits all kind of life.

You have different things to work around, different goals and priorities, a different schedule, different desires and dreams— so don’t feel like you have to try and fit a mold of what you think homemaking should be.

Instead, learn as much as you can and then leverage that information to fit your life and personality!


Motivation for homemakers: Set goals and work towards them.

(woman writing down goals in her journal)

Setting small goals will get you through a day, and then a week. This can bring structure to your time at home and help you prioritize the many things that need to be done.

Setting bigger goals for what you and your husband see for your family’s future will help you work together to get there.

It’s important to keep these goals in mind to remind yourself what you’re working towards.


Motivation for homemakers: Don't forget to nurture yourself.

(woman planting flowers)

Making time for self care and hobbies helps to ensure that you won’t get burnt out as a homemaker.

Also, learning how to homemake YOUR way and not losing yourself in the process means that you’re honoring the person God created you to be. You’ll weave parts of yourself into your home and family, using the threads of gifts and creativity God placed inside of you.

The Ultimate Homemaking Motivation: try our challenge

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Homemaker Motivation: Find Passion and Purpose in your role


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