Transform your Home + Family with a Homemaking Coach

The homemaking coaches at Just Homemaking: Jenna, Suzanne, and Melissa

Considering working with a homemaking coach and wondering if it’s for you? Read the benefits of using a homemaking coach, including passion and purpose, reduced stress, clarity, and lasting change, and then meet the homemaking coaches at Just Homemaking! We would love to be your homemaking coaches and help you live your BEST homemaking life– the kind you dream about!

Intentional Homemaking: A Christian Mom’s Guide

Intentional Homemaking: woman with her family praying before dinner

If the days and years are going by without direction and purpose, you may need to focus your heart and mind on Intentional Homemaking. Here, we’ll help you understand what it is to be an Intentional Homemaker and exactly how you can become one.