Intentional Homemaking: A Christian Mom’s Guide

Intentional Homemaking: woman with her family praying before dinner

If the days and years are going by without direction and purpose, you may need to focus your heart and mind on Intentional Homemaking. Here, we’ll help you understand what it is to be an Intentional Homemaker and exactly how you can become one.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Family

Trying to think of some new Christmas Gift ideas for a big family? Check out 5 fresh approaches to gift buying how you can make a plan.

Everyone Soap Review

Are you looking for an Everyone Soap review before purchasing your own bottle? In this post we ask ourselves “Is Everyone Soap Safe” by taking a look at Everyone Soap ingredients. We finish things up with our family’s Everyone Soap Review!

Mother and Teenage Son Activities

Mom and teenage son trying to get along

Do you find yourself constantly butting heads with your teenage son? Keep reading for my list of things to do with your teenage son (with input from a couple of our teenage sons!).

Tips For Parents Of New Drivers

Teenage boy driving- Tips for parents of new drivers

Do you have a child about to get a driver’s license? Here you will find tips for parents of new drivers, some family rules for teen drivers, and a printable driving contract available for your personal use to help you and your teen get started on the right foot.