Wife Devotional to Encourage your God Centered Marriage

Wife Devotional

Do you want to be a wife that loves, serves, and is a gold crown for her husband? This week of marriage devotionals for wife will guide you in Bible verses about wifely duties, because we believe God knows the best way for us to live and blesses us when we seek after Him. These devotions for wives come in a printable format– so don’t miss it!

How Being a Homemaker Blesses My Marriage

Homemaker cooking dinner in kitchen

Have you ever sat and asked yourself “how being a homemaker blesses my marriage?” I had no idea how much of an impact being a homemaker would have on my relationship with my husband.

Effortless Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Married couple holding hands having a date night

Are you looking for simple dating ideas for married couples? Do you long to connect with your spouse? Maybe it’s been months since you intentionally spent time together. No kids. Just the two of you. Here are 11 Dating Ideas for Married Couples.

Prioritizing Marriage (even when your kids’ needs are screaming louder than your husband’s)

Use these tips for prioritizing marriage, even when you’re exhausted by motherhood. Remind your husband that he’s your #1, even if it feels like he literally has to “take a number” just to talk to you. This post will teach you how to make your marriage a priority as you ride the rollercoaster of parenthood together, an investment that will pay off long after your kids have gotten off the ride.

An Open Letter to my Husband on our Anniversary

an open letter to my husband on our anniversary

I decided to write an open letter to my husband on our anniversary as a thank you for all his love and sacrifice that often goes unnoticed. My hope is that it will not only encourage him, but also encourage you in your marriage, as well. Maybe it’ll help you wish your spouse a happy twelfth anniversary, or inspire you to write your own anniversary letter, whatever number you’re celebrating!

7 Keys to a Healthy Marriage

holding hands to have a healthy marraige

Are you a newlywed looking for a great marriage foundation? Or maybe your marriage is going through a rough patch and you’d like to invest extra effort. Maybe you’re wondering how to have a healthy marriage? We all go through difficult times, and no marriage is perfect. In order to have a successful marriage, we need a reminder of what’s important and what to focus on. No matter why you’re here, we’d like to bring you the 7 Most Important Keys to a Healthy Marriage.

How to Fight for your Marriage

how to fight for your marriage

Be encouraged to Fight for Your Marriage with these 5 Steps. Through the good times, the hard times, and even the weird times! Your spouse is worth it!

Behind the Scenes

I am nesting.  Not because I am having a baby but more so because I am leaving our babies.  My husband and I are taking a trip next week for our 15th wedding anniversary and we are so excited: the thrill of visiting somewhere new, just the two of us, on our own schedule.  But in order for us to get on that airplane we both have a lot of things that need to be taken care of. For my husband, its work.  He is a pastor and we just launched a campaign for our new building.  There’s a whole lot of excitement, evening meetings most nights of the week, …

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