Intentional Homemaking: A Christian Mom’s Guide

Intentional Homemaking: woman with her family praying before dinner

If the days and years are going by without direction and purpose, you may need to focus your heart and mind on Intentional Homemaking. Here, we’ll help you understand what it is to be an Intentional Homemaker and exactly how you can become one.

Meal Planning System: An Absolute Game Changer for Busy Moms

Are you searching for a simple way to plan and shop for meals? Meal planning for homemakers doesn’t have to be hard. Our done-for-you meal planning system will completely streamline the process. Keep reading to hear how this great tool will make meal planning for moms (or anyone, really) a breeze!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Family

Trying to think of some new Christmas Gift ideas for a big family? Check out 5 fresh approaches to gift buying how you can make a plan.

The Hidden Power of Homemakers: Serving Others

woman lending a helping hand

Are you a homemaker with a servant’s heart? Through purposeful homemaking, you have a unique opportunity to be an incredible blessing to your people– inside and outside of your home. Your role will be a true ministry when you learn how homemakers can serve others! Read on for ideas!