Devotions for Wife to Encourage your God Centered Marriage

Heart Change for Wives: 7 Day Devotion for Wife

Do you want to be a wife that loves, serves, and is a gold crown for her husband? This week of marriage devotionals for wife will guide you in Bible verses about wifely duties, because we believe God knows the best way for us to live and blesses us when we seek after Him. These devotions for wives come in a printable format– so don’t miss it!


Heart Change for Homemakers: a 7-day devotion to help you fall in love with your role

Printable Devotion for Homemaker

Do you want to be encouraged in your homemaking duties? Check out these printable devotions for homemakers and be reminded of the significance of what you do on a daily basis. With these devotions about homemaking, you will be encouraged to see what God says on the topic, and learn to fall in love with your role and start thriving as a homemaker!


New Year Spiritual Goals for Christian Women (instead of Resolutions)

4 people on a beach at dark writing 2022 in the air with sparklers

What are your spiritual goals for the new year? Maybe you’re even wondering how to set spiritual goals. These are not your average resolutions! This post walks you through the importance of being a people with a vision, asking God what that vision is, and then using His wisdom and the passion He’s placed within you to set New Year spiritual goals that bring you closer to Him and His purpose for you!


Called to Freedom: A Veterans Day Devotion

Called to Freedom Veterans Day Devotion

Looking for a Veterans Day devotion? Try our printable devotion for Veterans Day, entitled “Called to Freedom”. This post does a great job of honoring our military members while focusing on our true freedom– that which was won by Christ, through His sacrifice.


Ponder and Treasure: A Christmas Devotion for Moms

Woman holding a bit of snow in her gloved hands

Are you looking for a Christmas devotion for moms specifically? Enjoy quiet reflections with this moms devotional for Christmas, including 25 days of journal prompts to help you ponder and treasure all things like Jesus’ mother, Mary, did. This printable Christmas devotional for moms has just what you need if you are looking for a Christmas devotion for women to do by yourself, or a Christmas devotion for ladies group night!