Do you want to excite and encourage women to fulfill their God-given duty to love and serve their home and their people intentionally (whether they work inside or outside of their four walls)?


About Jenna: The Homemaker, The Blogger, The Christian Author and Speaker

Jenna Punke-Bendt is a Christian author and speaker, and co-founder of this blog, Just Homemaking.

She is passionate about homemaking and has a knack for cultivating genuine connection amongst women. In writing, in person, or on stage, Jenna reaches people with humor, authenticity, and sincere encouragement.

She raises four hooligan sons in their tweens and teens with her husband, Doug.

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Why Book Jenna as your Women’s Ministry Guest Speaker?

Jenna’s generationally diverse message will help women of all ages come away from your event feeling like they’ve made an instant friend; one who knows and understands their challenges.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Female Christian Speaker: "I kept saying to myself, 'This woman has lived in my house!' It's so nice to know I'm not alone in my struggles."

Jenna’s relatability stems from her own experiences and struggles, making her a speaker who connects deeply with her audience.

And although she’ll meet them where they are, Jenna won’t leave them there.

Your attendees will be inspired to ditch the world’s lie that a life of biblical servanthood should somehow leave them wanting more, and begin to see their role as an amazing ministry that God created with them in mind to steward.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Female Christian Speaker: "I truly feel like you were speaking straight to me!"

If you’re a host or an event coordinator for women’s conferences looking for speakers…

Jenna is professional, prepared, and personable. She will ask lots of questions to better understand the needs of you, the coordinator, and the needs of your female audience in order to serve both parties well.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Women's Ministry Guest Speaker: "Jenna is very professional and organized. She's great at communicating in order to understand your expectations for the event. Jenna is a delight to work with."
-April Sather, Morning Host 88.3 WAFJ and Founder of Latte Da Women's Worship Night

Jenna has a signature message to share, called “Your People are Your Ministry to Serve and Steward Intentionally”. Women of all ages will resonate with Jenna’s heartfelt delivery, and walk away encouraged to be on mission right where they are, in their circle of influence.

Jenna also welcomes the opportunity to craft tailored messages for your specific event in order to meet your theme and individual needs. She’s also great at brainstorming and coming up with creative solutions, and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating a new event from scratch.

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Funny Christian Female Speaker (Humor on Purpose and with Purpose)

Jenna believes humor can break down walls. She weaves humor throughout her talks, allowing the audience to connect with her from the very start.

But don’t worry– Jenna’s message is not fluff.

She has a knack for telling relatable stories and finding the funny, even in hard things, in order to link arms with her audience and bring them closer to Jesus through a motivational, heart-changing message.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Funny Christian Female Speaker who uses humor on purpose and with purpose: "Jenna has a God-given ability to lead the audience to the foot of the Cross, and has an engaging speaking style that keeps you focused and wanting to hear more."
-Angela Smith, Sweetwater Baptist Church Women's Ministry Leader and Event Host for Latte Da Women's Worship Night February 2023

The Heart of Jenna’s Messaging as a Women’s Ministry Speaker

1| Purposeful Homemaking

Jenna understands that homemaking is more than just washing dishes and doing chores; it’s a God-given mission that shapes the atmosphere of a home.

Through her talks, she offers practical insights on how to infuse love, intention, and purpose into every aspect of the homemaking role, including marriage, motherhood, faith, and self care.

2| Sanctioning Women’s Roles

Jenna believes that women have a significant impact on their families, communities, and beyond.

Her talks emphasize the importance of embracing one’s unique gifts and talents to serve God and others in a way that is deeply personal and purposeful.

3| Faith-Filled Living

Rooted in her Christian faith, Jenna speaks about the power of faith in daily life.

She encourages women to draw strength from God, letting him dictate their day while looking for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus amidst their responsibilities.

4| Balancing Act: Faith, Family, and Self

Jenna addresses the challenges women face in juggling various roles. With her insights and personal experiences, she guides women on finding balance and biblical self-care that go far beyond the world’s standards.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Female Christian Motivational Speaker: "God knew what he was doing! Your message spoke directly to me and I truly felt it was divine appointment."
-Jenna Booth

Why Choose Jenna as your Female Christian Motivational Speaker

  • Practical Wisdom: Jenna doesn’t just inspire; she equips women with practical strategies that can be implemented in their everyday lives.
  • Heartfelt Delivery: Jenna’s passion for her faith and homemaking shines through her genuine and heartfelt speaking style.
  • Positive Impact: Jenna’s talks leave a lasting impact, encouraging women to embrace their roles with confidence and inspiring lasting heart change.
Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Female Christian Motivational Speaker: "Thank you for listening to Him and allowing the Spirit to use you. You touched my heart and so many others."

Book Jenna, Christian Women Speaker, for Your Next Event

Jenna is available for speaking engagements at conferences, women’s retreats, church events, worship nights, workshops, and moms groups.

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Her powerful message resonates with women of all ages and walks of life, providing a unique blend of faith, homemaking, stewardship, friendships, and biblical commission.

Review of Jenna Punke-Bendt, Christian Women Speaker: While you might assume that her message is just for young homemakers, it is for women of all ages and careers. Jenna will touch your heart."

Just think of how many homes, families, communities, and future generations will be positively impacted by the Heart Change your sweet ladies will experience!

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Jenna Punke-Bendt: Your Next Female Christian Speaker

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