Free Printable Devotions

Want to live more intentionally in your Christian walk?

Or grow stronger as a family in faith?

Choose a devotion from our many Free Printable Devotions below. All of our devotions are available online or as free printables for download.

Devotional Topics

Take time out of your busy life as a mom, wife, and homemaker to refuel with one of our free printable devotions for moms.

All of our online devotionals for moms are meant to encourage you on your walk with God, give you purpose to the tasks you do, and inspire you to live out your faith with boldness.

Spend intentional time together as a family with these fun family devotions! This time together encourages families to get in the Bible, have important conversations, and grow stronger in faith.

Our topics for family devotion include holiday and seasonal topics that will bring the family together year-round.

What is a Family Devotion?

A devotion is spending quality time with God, reading His Word, the Bible. Devotionals also include prayer time in order to grow a relationship with God.

Family devotionals are meant to bring your family together in faith so God can teach you as you grow together.

Read HERE for ideas on starting family devotions that work best for you.

Or click HERE for Just Homemaking's free 15 minute family devotions.

Spending faith-based time as a family is so important in giving kids a solid Christian foundation. It doesn't have to be complicated or long, just intentional time spent focused on God.