Resting in God’s Grace: a Quick Guide for Moms

A Look Inside: Moms and stress tend to go hand-in-hand, but we are here to tell you that God has an abundance of grace for moms! Read these tips for resting in God’s grace and trusting in Him!

Do you believe God loves you just as you are?


I struggle with that, too. It’s so easy to think that God wants Christian Moms to continue growing in wisdom, running away from their sins and struggles, and being better at their Homemaking role. Do it all and be perfect while you’re at it.

What if, instead, we stop for a moment to soak in God’s love and rest in His freedom through grace?

Will you join me in being intentional to give yourself a break from the pressure to change and instead rest in His goodness and grace?

On this blog, I often talk about what you can do to be a more intentional Homemaker, wife, mother, and friend. I even write lists on how to achieve those goals (like in Christian Homemaking and How to be an Efficient Homemaker).

But what I’m realizing is that without stopping to rest and enjoy God’s love, presence, and grace, those lists become any other to-do list.

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Grace for Moms

We made a huge decision that changed the course of our eternity. When you and I chose to trust Jesus and make Him Lord of our lives, everything else changed. Our names were written in the Book of Life and our eternity in heaven was secured. Our past, present, and future sins were forgiven and washed away.

Do you have confidence in the Saint that you are? Or are you choosing to see your sins and failures as your identity? Are you focused on what you’re not doing more than the grace Jesus died to give us?

Join me in changing our perspective that we are failing, and believe with me instead that we are saved by grace and God’s chosen and beloved children.

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How would God’s grace and promises then change the way you approach your day? We might be happier, more fun, less afraid, and live much healthier lives.

Woman reading her Bible and drinking coffee while learning about Grace for Moms

Moms and Stress

Our lives are so busy. Moms wear many hats these days! Some of us work, volunteer, help family and friends, and we all care for our homes, husbands, and kids, while making sure everyone is fed and happy.

Activities seem to fill our schedules and those things that started out as fun hobbies can become burdens, and we may even lose the joy they once brought.

If you find yourself full of stress and anxiety, it’s not surprising to see why. (When you’re done reading this, hop over to our burned out mom devo!)When we over-fill our schedules and do everything for everyone, we get…tired! I know, moms aren’t supposed to get tired.

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All the pressure to do it all well and have everything in order causes us lots of stress. One way to help relieve this pressure is to do less by saying “no” once in a while. But there’s an even better way…find freedom by trusting Jesus.

How God Feels About Me

In my small group, we recently read two books that helped me realize that I need to learn more about how God truly feels about me.

Identity Theft by Melissa Kruger opened my eyes to “Reclaiming the truth of who we are in Christ.” She reminded me of some fundamental truths that I have dismissed over the years.

We are free, made in God’s image, saints, and beautiful…to name a few.

Do you believe God loves you and doesn’t see the bad that you see? I had to remember this freedom I have in Christ in order to change my mindset and be reminded of this again.

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A comfy, restful hammock, ready to lay in

The Cure by John Lynch is the second book I want to recommend to you. It examines our society and where Christians have gone wrong in the way we view God’s love.

Do you believe God is frustrated with you because of your weaknesses and sin? Oftentimes I feel like I don’t do enough for God, but I’m reminded in this book that He loves me just as I am. He doesn’t need me to change or do more so that I can earn anything from Him. God simply wants us to trust Him.

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So… Exactly How Do You Rest in the Lord?

I think we can boil this down to three simple changes to allow God’s goodness and grace to permeate our hearts and give ourselves permission to rest in Him:

1| Express our love to Him.

Join me in starting each day with prayer and thanksgiving, soaking in God’s goodness and grace. “The Lord’s Prayer” starts with this simple idea, “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

Maybe we could start our day the same way with telling God how good He is, how much we love Him and trust Him, and what we’re thankful for in our life in those moments.

2| Go outside and enjoy the nature He’s created.

Go barefoot in the grass while watching the sun rise and soak in the wonderful creation He’s given us.

3| Put the focus on Jesus.

A friend of mine reminded me of another way we can take the pressure off ourselves. When we recognize a problem in our hearts, we should focus on Jesus rather than focus on changing ourselves.

When we give things over to God, we find rest. When we focus on our problem or our sin, it can become a much more difficult thing to solve.

Scrabble tiles spelling "Hallelujah"

Start Resting in God’s Grace

Choose to rest in God’s grace, with me, by taking some time each day to praise God, thank Him for all the blessings in your life, and shift your focus on trusting Him with your day.

I pray this allows your stress to melt away and your faith to be strengthened. Also, pick up those books to soak in more of God’s promises and remind yourself how God sees you.

You are a child of God, loved and cherished by Him no matter what this life brings. And as we believe that, the overflow of our hearts will honor Him.

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Resting in God’s Grace


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