The Emotional Woman & Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear for the “Emotional Woman”

I don’t know about you, but I have made a realization: I have lived a lot of my life in some sort of fear.

You name it:
Fear of getting in trouble.
Fear of failure.
Fear of missing out.
Fear of what others will think.
The list goes on.

Sometimes, I was even ruled by these fears. Big fear that made me afraid to step out and just be me.

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But, something’s different now. Something I want to share because I hope to help those who are like me in this way.

Do You Know Someone Like Me? Are You Like Me?

When I’ve gone in the deeper soul-searching phases of life—and it IS so very important to go through that phase and assess—there was a big, life-long puzzle that I needed to put together.

I truly have had a very fortunate life but there were moments on my journey that were really, really tough on my delicate heart.

People have always told me I’m hard to understand. I know I drove my mom crazy so many times. So, if you’re lost here – then hear me out – I bet you just so happen to know a soul like the likes of me and maybe I can help you understand them better.

Maybe that soul is you and you’re happy to read from someone who is speaking your language. I’m not much into Enneagrams, but those who are tell me I’m a 9, if that helps you understand me.

You’ve maybe been used/abused by people making you doubt yourself and what you have to offer the world.

If you’re like me:

  • You’re a people-pleaser
  • You’re a peace-maker
  • You’re maybe more quiet/timid
  • You can feel trapped by some past mistakes
  • You have let people trap you

Rethinking my “Problem” (being an Emotional Woman) and Thinking of it as a Blessing

What do people say… “My biggest weakness is also my biggest strength.”

Yep. This.

I haven’t always appreciated my ‘gifting.’

The way I have turned these (in light of spirit and truth) like Just Homemaking says: to rethink from “just a mom” to “a just mom.” Turning “fault” into “gift”. Turning “weaknesses” into “strengths.”

God desires our hearts to be set free. Freedom comes from walking in the truth. Truth is eternally valued.

Faith Over Fear Bible Verse

Because of truth in the Word of God now I become:

  • A God-pleaser (Gal. 1:10)
  • A person who has God’s peace that passes all understanding (2 Thes. 3:16)
  • Powerful – Having God’s power, love and discipline. (2 Tim 1:7)
  • Renewed – We will have difficulty by affliction but we are NOT crushed, because our inner self is being renewed day by day in light of eternity. (2 Cor. 4:8-18)

I now realize that I am rather a unique soul and I see the world through a unique lens.

While I appreciate those who are different than me and learn so much from them, there is something so amazing when I encounter another soul like mine.

Our hearts connect and we just ‘know’. We get it. Period. I call these souls my heartstrings.

But, back to this recent realization that I have experienced, more than anything else, it has shown me that I have been a prisoner to MY own heart.

One too many times, I gave my heart out and it got trampled on. And with never really having the confidence, I allowed it, not knowing any better.

Along the way, there have been glimpses and moments of living the “new reality” I live in now, but more often than not, I always caved.

But, something has clicked!

Thankfully, now I’m married to a man who allows me to be me. But, I am kind of like a new baby deer still wobbly on my feet in the acceptance of who I truly am.

I admit, I revert. I cry and find myself without the words to explain my heart.

Sometimes I get so bogged down by the hurt and pain of the world, I go through periods of time where my heart is just simply broken for someone else’s. I’ve always used the character of John Coffey in The Green Mile to explain these moments.

And, I haven’t always been in a well-enough place spiritually or emotionally to use this “gifting” of mine but NOW I AM! Yay!

This awakening in me is exactly what I want for you too.

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How You Can Overcome Fear and Find Freedom

So, whatever is ruling you, let’s pray for your awakening!

1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to breathe an awakening into you right now.

Whether it’s been other people’s words over you, circumstances you cannot control, unmet expectations that have left you feeling low, or just because everyone, it feels, is letting you down— these things do not define you!

Remember, who we allow to define us determines our value. The only one we should give that power to is God and God alone.

2. Get into His word.

This is the bread, the nourishment to feed the spirit within you. This is the mystery revealed that Paul knew so well; the “Christ in you, the hope of glory” truth.

Trust me. This is where all the lies come unraveled. Like my equations above, all fleshy thoughts CAN be replaced by God truths.

This is where the joy fills you up. This is where faith overcomes fear.

3. Talk to someone.

There are all sorts of ways for guidance, wisdom, and accountability. Counselors, mentors, pastors, and small groups just to name a few.

I promise. God doesn’t want me, or you, stuck. He wants to use us for His glory. And, when you first are near to Him and then begin working for Him, there will be this wave of unexplainable peace and unexplainable joy.

I call this the, “It may not be well with my circumstances, but it is well with my soul” place of sweetness! This place where all His thoughts connect with yours and you team up and let Him use your heart for good. “What Satan intends for evil, GOD USES FOR GOOD.” Remember that!

He WINS, you can let go and trust.
He defeats Satan.
He triumphed over the biggest obstacle = FREEDOM.

And then do this just for fun! Please go right now and listen to this song alone and dance it out in celebration…

Next Steps

We all live in fear of something. Even if you’re not an “Emotional Woman” you may have something that holds you back from living out what God wants for your life.

Be encouraged by getting in the Word and find verses that strengthen you to use your giftings. We want to seek God’s approval above others.

We are praying for you, our readers, to live out the callings God has for your lives!

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