Homemaker Daily Routine: 11 Tasks To Do Every Day

A peek inside this post: Are you trying to be efficient and want to start a Homemaker daily routine? Start with these 11 tasks and watch your days be transformed! It doesn’t have to be stressful– just weave these simple routines for homemakers into your daily routines and be amazed at the difference it makes!

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the tasks homemakers have to do? If you’re new to homemaking, or haven’t hit your groove in planning out your tasks in this role, read below to see what simple routines you can do to make your job so much easier.

When I became a mom and full-time homemaker twelve years ago I constantly felt behind, overwhelmed with tasks, and wondered how other moms seemed to keep up so much better.

Everyday was difficult trying to have a functional home and not feel defeated with tasks.

I had four kids in six years, so I was constantly adjusting and learning new things with my growing babies.This left little time or energy for me to figure out how to be an efficient homemaker.

Now that my kids are older and I’ve had many years to learn about homemaking, I’ve implemented simple routines that I do throughout my day to keep things running smoothly. It’s never perfect, but so much better.

Don’t wait to add these into your routine so you can have an efficient, thriving home sooner rather than later!

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Why Simple Routines for Homemakers Make All the Difference

Do yourself a favor! When you want to get ahead and feel in control of your daily routines, set some time aside to figure out what works best for you. It took me far too long to learn ways to make my job easier.

We all manage our homes differently. So the things that work for me may not work for you. But when you find a simple homemaking routine that works for you, it will transform your life. It will positively impact your spouse and your kids as well.

A huge part of creating peaceful routines is mental. You have to dig deep to determine what’s holding you back from serving your family in this new role.

Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge on how to efficiently work around the home. Maybe you weren’t taught how to cook and clean and need to spend some time learning how to do these things.

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How can you best learn the homemaking skills you lack? Reading homemaking articles, watching Youtube videos, google searches, and talking with friends who are good at these skills are all avenues you can utilize to grow in knowledge on homemaking topics.

Or maybe you’re like me and you don’t know how to change your old habits from before you had kids, to create new habits (just never sit down, lol) that are very different and more productive for this new phase of life.

Looking back on my early years as a homemaker, I see how inefficient I was. I didn’t know that I had to be constantly thinking ahead, moving around the home while cleaning up or making things easy for my family to complete their routines necessary for a well-run home.

The Homemaker Daily Routine

Try some of these ideas for a homemaker’s daily routine to see what works best for you. Add them into your day, check them off the free printable Homemaker’s Daily Routine Checklist, and feel the peace that comes from intentional living.

1| Spend time with God

First things first, homemakers need to get their hearts and minds right. Spend time each day reading the Bible and in prayer. Our devotions about homemaking are a great place to start!

It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, but focusing on God’s purposes for your life will give you peace in your heart.

Routine 1: Open Bible

Matthew 6:33-34

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Thank God for the blessings he’s given you.

Give your plans to God. Ask Him for help as you work around your home today. Fix your mind on having an eternal focus and doing the next right thing to honor God with your time. Giving these things to Him allows you to not bear a heavier burden than you were meant to.

Find peace, joy, and love in trusting God deeper each day. No matter what your day brings, you know God is with you and will sustain you. He will equip you for every good deed.

Hebrews 13:20-21

“Now may the God of peace…equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

2| Make your bed

Did your mom tell you to make your bed when you were growing up, but you didn’t see why it was so important? This was definitely how I felt.

Now, I see how the simple act of having a made bed prepares me for an organized day.

Homemaking routine: Make your bed

When your bed is made, you’re able to continue that pattern into all the things that require organizing in your home. It encourages you to put things away, rather than piling them up (because there’s already a mess there).

This task only takes one minute, but does something for your mental state to say, hey, let’s keep this organized feeling moving throughout the whole house.

If this isn’t something you already do, give it a try and let me know if it changes anything for you.

3| Exercise

Love it or hate it, we all know it’s good for our body and mind. Exercise doesn’t have to be long or complicated, but living an active life will benefit you in so many ways.

Find a time of day that works for you. It may be early in the morning, at naptime, or another time of your day. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get moving.

Homemaking routine: Workout

Find an activity you love. If you hate running…then don’t run on a treadmill for a workout. Simple!

Do you enjoy being outside? Find something you can do in the sun.

Maybe you’re most motivated in a group class. There are so many options for fitness classes, or you can find one online so you don’t have to leave home.

You’re more likely to stick with it long-term if you love it!

The point is to get that heart rate up, live an active life (so you can keep up with those kids), and feel great both mind and body.

4| Ready yourself for the day

Did you know getting dressed sends a message to your brain that your day is starting? It positively affects mood and increases productivity.

Homemaking routine: Get ready for the day

Just like making the bed, it starts the day off on the right foot. If you don’t do this already, give it a try and see the difference!

5| Empty the dishwasher in the morning

Add ‘emptying the dishwasher’ to your morning routine so that it’s ready to be loaded throughout the day. A kitchen can quickly feel messy and unorganized if there are dishes piling up in the sink.

Homemaking routine: Empty the dishwasher in the morning

This is another simple task that makes for a smooth day. When your home’s kitchen is clean, it also sets the tone for the house.

6| Complete a morning pick up

This happens for me once kids go to school. Or if you have kids at home during the day, you could plan a couple ‘pick up’ times during your day.

Do a quick pick up throughout the main area of your home so the clutter is put away, tables are wiped, the floor is clean, and bathrooms are fresh.

Spending ten minutes each morning cleaning and organizing can be a simple routine that helps these tasks not become large and daunting chores at the end of a busy day.

I don’t always feel like sticking to this routine, but here are some great motivational tips: Motivation for Cleaning House When You Just Can’t Even

7| Have a plan for the day (or week!)

All women have different personalities and things that are important to them. Think about what’s most important to you in your role as homemaker and make a simple weekly homemaking plan that works for you.

Homemaking routine: Make a weekly plan

Write down the activities you and your family have throughout the week.

Decide when you will get groceries, do laundry, and what days you will clean different parts of your home. It’s so much easier to get these things done when you know when and how you will accomplish them.

What other things need to be done? Who do you need to see, help, or reach out to? Is there a birthday party or occasion this weekend? Make a note on your planner to prepare for these extra things.

Along with weekly planning, you need to…

8| Dinner will not make itself

But I wish it did!

The dreaded “what’s for dinner” battle! Does dinnertime in your house feel stressful or rushed? Do you wish you could make healthier, homemade meals to nourish your family?

Making two small changes to your homemaking routine will help you win this dinnertime battle:

  • First, make a weekly meal plan. Jot down a list of dinners you’d like to make throughout your week, or plan them for specific days of your week depending on what activities you have. Our meal planning system can help you with this!
  • Second, spend five minutes each morning setting out ingredients for that day’s dinner. Take meat out of the freezer, or maybe add ingredients to your crockpot, make sure you have everything you need for the meal you have planned.
crockpot full of ingredients for dinner, including potatoes, carrots, and onions

Set yourself up for a super simple dinnertime by adding this quick step into your homemaking routine each morning.

9| Get your family involved

What simple things can your family help you do to make for smoother days? As a mom, it’s easy to take all the homemaking tasks upon yourself.

Sometimes it feels easier to pick up and put things away without trying to motivate your kids to help out. This really does no good for the kids and their habits for the future. Having them help also teaches them not to leave their things laying around or to pick up their toys when they’re done playing.

It’s also great for kids’ mental health to feel useful and needed in their family. They may be hesitant to jump up and help pick up the house at the end of a busy day, but something good happens inside of them to know they’re part of a family who works together to love and care for each other. Don’t miss our list of age appropriate chores!

It’s also important to discuss with your husband which responsibilities you will each spearhead as the adults in the home.

Getting your family to help with the responsibilities around the house is good for everyone.

10| Set the dishwasher to run before bed

This homemaking routine is a follow-up to Routine #5. At the end of the day, when the dishwasher is nice and full from the 10,000 cups your kids leave on the counter (just me?), I like to set my dishwasher to run while we’re sleeping.

Homemaking routine: Set the dishwasher to run at night

By running the dishwasher while you sleep, you don’t have to be bothered by its noises. You wake up, and it’s a chore that’s done for you to start your new day.

Plus, a clean sink is just… (chef’s kiss).

**Side note: another chore I love having done for me that makes cleanups easier is having a robot vacuum. I LOVE running it when I leave the house, and coming home to clean floors. It’s like having a cleaning service!

11| Prepare for the next morning

What routines can you add before bed that will make for a smooth, peaceful morning?

I like to:

-Have the coffee ready to brew

-Have the kids’ bookbags unpacked and repacked

-Think about what’s for breakfast and prep anything I need

-See clean counters and have clean floors

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Now You Know How to be an Efficient Homemaker!

At Just Homemaking our mission is to help moms create thriving homes. We hope this information for how to be an efficient homemaker will really help your home thrive.

Homemaking is a journey, and we are all learning and growing as we dedicate our lives to God and our family’s well-being. God bless your journey!

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