Intentional Homemaking: A Christian Mom’s Guide

Intentional Homemaking: woman with her family praying before dinner

If the days and years are going by without direction and purpose, you may need to focus your heart and mind on Intentional Homemaking. Here, we’ll help you understand what it is to be an Intentional Homemaker and exactly how you can become one.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Family

Trying to think of some new Christmas Gift ideas for a big family? Check out 5 fresh approaches to gift buying how you can make a plan.

Falling in Love with Sourdough Bread

Falling in Love with Sourdough Bread

Learn how sourdough bread works – the science and the fun parts. We’ll also explore how making bread can teach us important lessons about being patient and not giving up.

25 Bible Verses About Homemaking

Bible verses about homemaking

Feel encouraged and inspired with these Bible Verses about Homemaking! Women can do their jobs best when they look to their Creator God for wisdom in scripture about homemaking.

11 Ways to begin Slow Homemaking

Family cooking in kitchen together for slow homemaking

Set the pace and tone of your home with Slow Homemaking. Live differently to honor God and feel peace and fulfillment at home.