I Love Being a Homemaker!

A peek inside this post: So often we see homemakers depicted as harried and overwhelmed, or completely bored, but I have to tell you– I love being a homemaker! This lifestyle is the right one for me, and may be for you, too! Read the many benefits of being a homemaker and see which ones you agree with, and which ones surprise you!

Do you ever feel like the role of a homemaker is often misrepresented? Sometimes it’s portrayed as a terrible way to live– either by the view of others, or that of the homemaker herself. Sometimes the homemaker is harried, overwhelmed, or bored.

Well, I’ve got news for you: I love being a homemaker!

It’s a great way to live! Whether you need some encouragement in your role, or you’re thinking about making a lifestyle change because you want to be a homemaker yourself, I hope you’ll read this post and see the many benefits of being a homemaker! It is truly the right fit for me, and maybe it is for you, too!

11 Reasons I Love Being a Homemaker

1| Quiet Days

Up until a few years ago, “quiet days” would likely not have made my list. But now that my kids are all in school, I get to enjoy a peaceful home between the hours of 8:30 and 2:30, five days a week.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time as a homemaker and stay at home mom when my kids were little and at home all day. But the day definitely looks different now!

During the school day, my home only makes noise if I want it to. As an introvert, this is a glorious way to live! It allows me to recharge and be better equipped to love my family and be fully present (instead of over-stimulated) when they return home.

2| A Well-Loved Home

Home is my favorite place to be. Given that it’s where I spend most of my time, I enjoy making it a haven.

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Things are usually clean and tidy (not always!), and I have implemented systems to help it function. Furniture and decorations have been chosen intentionally. Thoughtful touches help it feel cozy and welcoming to my family and others that we invite in.

Woman cooking on the stove

3| A Support for My Hard Working Husband

My husband is the main provider for our household. He works diligently and passionately. We are so grateful for how his job, and his commitment to it, have provided for us. It is my honor to care for him and his needs, just as he does for me.

I cannot imagine him coming home from a long day’s work and commute to constant disorder, mess, and chaos. (Please note, there are absolutely some days where that is exactly what he comes home to. Our life is not perfect!)

I also can’t imagine him clocking out for the day and having to worry about what he’ll eat for dinner, whether he’ll have clean clothes to wear the next day, or fretting about picking our kids up from a babysitter on time. (Again, please note there are days when I ask him to pick up takeout on his way home from work, or request a grilled meal made by him. We are a team after all, and I am not perfect in my homemaking disciplines!)

He is grateful that he can (mostly) focus on work and that I (usually) have things taken care of at home.

He never has to take a day off work when the kids are sick or if they have doctor’s appointments. He doesn’t have to fret about whether or not sports uniforms are clean. He doesn’t have to remember Picture Day or Wacky Hair Day or Pajama Day.

Just like I don’t have to worry about earning an income and providing for my own needs. He supports me, and I support him.

4| Secure Kids

My kids know they live in a safe and secure home with two parents that love them.

As a homemaker, I get the benefit of always being available for them. Whether they’ve had a particularly bad or particularly good day at school, I’m here for it all. When they need extra assistance with a project, or have questions about life, or want to snuggle and watch a movie– I get to be present for all the things.

I get to teach them life skills and watch as they develop their own systems for accomplishing homework or doing their own laundry. They can ask me about unfamiliar words they heard at the lunch table instead of googling it. (For the love!)

They have security in knowing that Mom will be home when they walk through that door. And sometimes she makes cookies!

Homemaker baking on her counter

5| A Slower Pace

Some people really respond well to a fast-paced, constantly moving way of life, but I am not one of them. I love that I am not always on the go.

I think I would be so stressed to go to work and try to fit in all the other tasks I do to keep my home running and my family functioning.

Please note, I know many women are doing exactly that, whether by choice or by necessity, and they do it well! This is in no way meant to suggest that my way is better, except to point out that it’s better for me. I became a wife and mom at age 20. I had all four of my kids by the time I was 25. Back then I had to work, and we endured some very stressful years. I’m beyond grateful that we’ve been able to make changes that allow me to stay home and enjoy a homemaker’s lifestyle.

I can putter around the house and do most things without feeling rushed, especially when I take the time to plan and create systems (like batching the housework) that are conducive to a thriving home.

If I want to enjoy a cup of something delicious on my porch while marveling at the cardinals, blue jays, and deer in my yard, I can! I am thankful I get to take time to notice things, to really stop and smell the roses. 

6| More Time to Invest in Hobbies & Relationships

This is so special! It’s wonderful to have time to pursue your own interests.

Over the last couple years, I’ve been allotted the time to learn how to play the ukulele, and to start this blog with my fellow Homemakers! I doubt either of those things would have been pursued if I weren’t a full time homemaker. (Not that other people couldn’t make this happen– just knowing myself personally, I probably would not have invested the time to learn/do those things.)

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I have the time and mental capacity to invest in relationships, too. New and old, near and far— my friendships are well nurtured. 

Pin: I know society says I shouldn't, but I love being a homemaker!

7| Saving Money

There are so many ways to live frugally when you’re dedicated to being a homemaker.

For one, there’s much less “convenience” spending. By not driving to work everyday, it’s not convenient to stop by a store for coffee or grab dinner on the way home. There is less opportunity to stop at Target for a couple items, and I plan these trips intentionally instead. I’m such a homebody, that I often realize I can live without certain items or make due with what I have.

Secondly, I save on clothing. I’m very content with my simple and comfortable clothing purchases I make for my stay at home mom lifestyle. It doesn’t require fancy clothing, keeping up with friends at work, name brands, or the latest trends.

And let’s not forget car expenses. Gas, oil changes, and maintenance are all essential for driving to work everyday. I save big on less travel and being content with a vehicle that takes care of our needs.

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8| Flexibility & Adaptability

Being a homemaker allows for so much flexibility in my schedule and routines. We’ve already talked about sick kids and not having to stress about taking time off work to care for them at home. It also means I can attend all the school assemblies and special events!

When the pandemic hit, our kids were able to do virtual learning at home. This time was stressful and confusing for everyone across the world, and we were grateful that we weren’t left scrambling to figure out this completely new way of life like so many others. We even homeschooled for a year while we waited to see if the world would go back to “normal.”

As a homemaker, I can roll with the punches a little easier. 

Homemaker washing dishes at the sink

9| More Opportunities to Serve and Care for Others

I love that I can be useful with my free time in order to serve others.

Dropping meals off to friends and neighbors who are sick or going through a hard season, picking up groceries when someone’s car breaks down, or helping plan Sunday School lessons with the Children’s Ministry team are great uses of my time.

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10| Better Self Care

It’s so easy to put ourselves on the back burner, especially when there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. As a homemaker, I have plenty of time to take care of me.

I am able to get my morning walks in, do some light exercise, make healthier meals, etc. I also can grab a haircut or pedicure without trying to figure out where I can possibly squeeze that into my schedule.

I almost never have to go without showering unless I want to. Back a few years ago when I was outnumbered with littles, that wasn’t always the case.

I have time for my own doctors appointments and dental care! 

11| Better Soul Care

The best part about being a homemaker is that I get to nurture my soul by spending more time with God. I can give him my day and ask how He would have me spend it.

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I spend many days just listening to worship music as I complete tasks around the house. I can read my Bible and devotions and press into what his Word is telling me. I get to examine my heart and make sure I’m living in a way that reflects Him.

Benefits of Being a Homemaker: What Did I Forget?

There are so many benefits to being a homemaker. I couldn’t possibly list them all. What would you add to this list that I forgot? What surprised you about my list? Leave a comment– I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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I Love Being a Homemaker!


4 thoughts on “I Love Being a Homemaker!”

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I love your heart for homemaking! Your passion for homemaking has always been such an encouragement to me in my life!

  2. I can’t tell you enough how glad I was to read this post this morning. Your experience is almost identical to mine right down to homeschooling the COVID year. Everything you are mentioning about the reasons to stay home with kids in school is exactly my story. I don’t have any other examples in my life and often feel conflicted with my choices, in fact I just left a job after a very short stint because I was overwhelmed and had nothing left for my family at the end of the day. vi am introverted as well and I didn’t realize how socal this position would be. Thank you for just sharing your story…I know I’m not alone… but when everyone works around you, it can feel that way.

    • Oh, Kelly! This comment was like a giant hug for my heart! I am so glad that, if nothing else, this post made you feel like you aren’t alone, especially when you feel like the odd man out by choosing to stay home. I really do love being a homemaker, but there were certainly times when I felt like an oddity: especially when I was 20 with my first child. None of my friends could relate! I hope you feel secure in your decision and are able to fall in love with your role at home. We recently published a book that you might find helpful in this season. Thanks for joining us here, sharing your heart, and please know we are praying for you and your family.
      –Just Homemaking


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