Becoming a Good Homemaker (deeper than cleaning tips and time management)

A peek inside this post: Wondering how to become a good homemaker? It’s about much more than cooking and cleaning, being a good homemaker means honoring God. Use these steps in order to be a better homemaker!

Does it sometimes seem daunting to think about where to start when you are trying to be a good homemaker?

All people must work to be good at whatever they choose to do with their days. They must do this their whole lives no matter what!

Everyone has room for growth. Every single person. Even that one person everyone knows who seems to have their entire lives together must work hard. She must give immense effort to accomplish all that she does.

It is so important to remember that being good at something is a work in progress.

Jobs, household chores, a husband’s schedule, kids’ needs, school, friendships, what to have for dinner that night, and much more can start to feel like a huge burden to manage.

This includes the “happy day” items too. Balancing all these items during a family hardship can really weigh a person down. 

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What Being a Good Homemaker is Actually All About

If you were to look up the definition of the word good, you would find many meanings.

Good can mean efficient, approved of, and to do things well.

YET, the much more beautiful and deeper meaning of good, is morally right, righteous, and to the benefit of others.

So, when we think about being a good homemaker as something to strive for in life, we should think of the definition that describes our heart. We are imperfect sinners who are not naturally good.

It is easy to try to compare ourselves to the things we see on the outside surface as being a good homemaker. Yet, when we look to the Lord to help us grow daily and focus our heart on Him, His perfection can start to bend our focus towards becoming his likeness.

We can become more moral and righteous, which will then benefit others (our families) in the best ways!

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How to Become a Good Homemaker: 6 Truths to Remember

Here are some truths to remember when striving  to become a good homemaker. These are HEART areas that can help us make sure our focus is on the things that really matter and can help draw us nearer to what the Lord wants for our lives.

1| We are stewards to our families.

We were beautifully made to do this job. Everything we do as women can be a compliment to others.

Genesis 2 talks about how God made all the beautiful animals and plants in the world but there was no suitable helper for Adam. Eve was the suitable helper. This was her gift God gave her and it is who you were made to be as well.

Homemaker with an apron getting ready for tasks

We are so precious and needed by all our loved ones, and as women, we are perfectly made to do our jobs.

Remembering the gifts that were given to Eve, and given all the way to us and to all women, is a great encouragement.

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2| Volunteers always win. 

What does that even mean? Here is a little lesson that I have learned:

A few years ago, I started to grow gardens of food for our family. When I am in the garden, I feel so close to God and thankful for everything He gives us.

The garden helps me notice the little things that are easy to miss in our busy lives. It teaches my eyes to focus in on all the blessings.

I started to notice something happened every year when I planted seeds in the ground. While I was working hard to do this, I saw that all over the garden there were already volunteer plants coming up from the ground.

These seeds that dropped in the ground the prior year had stayed there all winter, just waiting for God to tell them it was time.

They had weathered snow, ice, wind, freezing temperatures, compost/mulch cover, and pests.  

These tiny little seeds had been stronger, bigger, and able to produce food sooner than anything that I could plant in the ground myself.

After discovering this lesson, I promised myself that any plant’s seed that has the energy to come back the following year is welcome in my gardens! Even if it grows in the most random spots from being scattered by so many things. 

Just like those plants, a woman who has the Holy Spirit inside of her is a Volunteer! She has a positive, authentic, intentional, and thankful way about her that cannot go unnoticed. 

Ephesians 3:20 says, “to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory.”

This is an amazing gift, one which we can start to volunteer to notice more and more each day in our lives as homemakers.

Homemaker cleaning kitchen

3| It is okay to have days of failure.

Sometimes when trying to become a good homemaker, no matter how much we try, days of failure just happen. Sometimes they just slap us in the face and throw us around for a while! 

We live in a sinful, imperfect world that is sometimes full of sadness, tiredness, and despair. Sometimes some things must be set aside for a while when being a good homemaker.

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Maybe the cleaning doesn’t happen to your house for a bit.

Maybe our Pinterest perfect meals need to just be food on a plate.

Maybe everyone just needs to take a break from some items on the list.

God gives rest to the burdened. When we lean on Him, we know we are cared for, just as we care for our loved ones.

We can become thankful for the lot that is given us each day. 

Sometimes focusing on doing good for others helps us gain a better perspective on our days of failure. When we are disappointed about how things are going at the time, we can do a nice thing for someone we know that is struggling, sick, or lonely.

When we do this, we start to see some of the wonderful things that may be wins of our own.  

An example of this would be if we are struggling financially, we suddenly start to feel thankful for our health. Or when our schedules are so busy it’s hard to keep up, we think of a neighbor who lives alone and needs a friend.

Training our thoughts to focus on others as the helpers we were made to be can really help our outlooks of what being a good homemaker is all about. This is especially true on days where we feel failure.

Even when it is hard, we can find little moments that honor God and know that He is sovereign in all things.

4| Things change constantly. It’s okay.

Wives and mothers everywhere find that just when they really get the hang of one phase of life, suddenly everything changes again! This can be so frustrating when trying to be a good homemaker.

Ages of kids, seasons of motherhood, schedules, careers, and all the things we are unable to know in the future continue to change. Yet, what is the most beautiful thing to remember? God made us as homemakers to BE the constant, the safe place for our families to depend on, the encourager, the place manager, and the person that everyone can come home to as refuge.

Homemaker cooking in her kitchen

We can set our sights towards Christ and how to be the model of stability as helpers to our families. We can set the example of a peaceful home place to come back to when the world is not.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

To be a good homemaker is to be in tune and embrace who we are needed to be, moment to moment, day by day.  

5| Who are we doing all this homemaking for?

Remember that person we tend to think of when thinking about having everything all “good” as a homemaker?

We need to check that our intentions are right when wanting to be good homemakers. It is easy to start envying others and want to be like them.

This peer pressure (that we often put on ourselves) will always be flawed because it always ends up focusing on only the surface things. The appearance of someone else’s organization, style, ease at speaking, or perceived rank is never a true indicator of the heart. It can just be a glimpse of someone else’s strengths that get us too focused on comparison.

God made us all with different strengths and weaknesses. Everything is to show His glory.

We need to focus on building each other up, helping each other be the best we can be, and praying fervently for each other’s needs. God never wants us to only strive to be a copycat of someone else He made.

6| We Are Our Children’s Teachers. 

Good homemakers are leaving a wonderful legacy to their children to carry with them wherever they go.

When we think about how safe and happy our children feel in their home, we can start to really see how our homes can reflect either good or bad.

We can help instill memories in our children that they will eagerly run to repeat someday in their own adult lives. We also can create things for our children that they will someday run from.

Homemaker doing dishes at her sink

When we first got married and/ or had children, we all had many ideas of what we wanted that to look like. How does today compare to that first dream of a family? Many things end up looking very differently than we expected.

A good question that we love to ask someone in our house who needs an attitude check is, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”.

All five of my girls know exactly what I mean when I ask them that question. It immediately creates a visible reaction in them. It cuts to the core of any conversation because it asks for a purpose to everything and anything.

We adults need to constantly ask ourselves this question as well. Every day is a chance to grow up our attitudes, our creativity, our prayer, and our faith.

We should never stop learning and growing towards the Lord. He will help us create cherished memories for our children. He will bend us and teach us while we teach our children.

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Some Essentials for Your Journey to Being a Good Homemaker

Here are some things you’ll need in order to stay on the good track towards being a good homemaker.

1| Prayer

We should not let the world deceive us about the importance of prayer. Prayer is not a last resort. Prayer covers us with the most protective armor there is.

Good homemakers pray for their families as much as possible.

Pray for wisdom, protection, peace, and guidance from the Lord.

2| Quiet Time

The world can also teach us that time to ourselves is all about selfish things. But a good homemaker can try to think of quiet time as a time to recharge your battery.

Quiet time can help your mind sort out thoughts and prepare for the next events.

You can have quiet time in the early mornings while your family is still sleeping, in the evenings right before bedtime, while driving in your car, or right when your family leaves for work or school.

It can be a holy time of prayer and conversation with God.

Everyone has different location needs for quiet time, especially women with loud families! Find what works for you.

Homemaker sweeping and cleaning

3| Therapeutic Tasks

Believe it or not, some work tasks in homemaking can be rewarding. Some jobs that we do require very little brain power, so you can focus on prayer and quiet time while you get everyday work accomplished!

Some of us love to cook and/or bake, clean out junk drawers and purge things, or just clean in general! We can still use these easy-on-the-brain tasks to reset our thoughts. 

My favorite task is to hang laundry on the line. It is a bigger process than throwing clothes in the dryer for sure. Yet, once I am standing all by myself with just the sound of the wind and my inner thoughts, it is wonderful work!

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4| Get Outside

Whether we are having some alone time or incorporating the entire family, getting outside can brighten our outlook in an instant.

Sometimes inside the house, families can start to bounce off each other so much that they just need to exit the building!

This does not have to just be in the summer either. Our family loves to bundle up and walk in the snow-covered woods in the winter. 

5| Good Friends

A good homemaker should surround themselves with good friends.

Real friends are not there to help criticize others, be negative the entire time, or put things down in order to try and make themselves feel better.

We can listen to each other’s hard things and give each other ideas and encourage each other.  We can help each other stay on track of our goals and have fun!

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Feeling Excited About Being a Better Homemaker? 

As women, we are constantly working as the Lord constantly works on us.

We were made to be helpers everywhere we go, both in and out of our homes. We see this gift wherever we go– from the compliments we give each other as friends, to the mom getting out of the car after having helped every single family member get to their destination. 

Everything we do can give glory to our Creator.

Will we make many mistakes as we go? Of course!

Yet, if our hearts are bent towards goodness there is no one better for the job God gave us. Be encouraged! You are fearfully and wonderfully made for this life.

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