Open Letter To Myself on My Birthday

Encouragement for you (and myself) to embrace your birthday! This is an open letter to myself on my birthday, but it’s just as much an open letter for you on your birthday, too! Let’s thank God together for letting us live another year!


What to Do When Your Best Friend Moves Away

You may be wondering what to do when your best friend moves away. Her move will affect both of you deeply. This post will walk you through the transition to becoming long-distance besties whose friendship can stand the test of time. You’ll learn how to survive your best friend moving away, how you can cope, and how you can support her. And you’ll learn that there are even some benefits when your best friend lives far away! Don’t believe me? Keep reading…


Boundaries with Family During Holidays (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Setting boundaries with family during the holidays can seem a little scary. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be! Boundaries for the holidays can look different for every family, so we’ll cover several examples. Learn how to set boundaries with family members in a clear, healthy way so that everyone can still enjoy this festive time of the year.