Simple Changes toward Healthy Homemaking

A peek inside this post: Looking for ways to implement natural healthy living in your home? Healthy homemaking is something we should all strive for, but it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. Check out these healthy homemaking tips that are super attainable and not in the least bit overwhelming.

Establishing a healthy family lifestyle has been a top priority in my home for the past 5 years. My husband is a health enthusiast. He loves intense workouts, eating clean, and being disciplined in all facets of life.

What I love most of all about his heart in this pursuit is that he doesn’t do it to talk about it or show others how great he is. He does it because he’s a simple guy who wants to take care of his body and his family.

Since he’s changed his habits over the years, he has slowly changed many of my habits, which also changes our kids’ habits. I had no idea when we got married that he would take us down this path, but I am so happy he has. It has pushed me to discover new ways to cook, clean, and keep my mind and body healthy.

Do you also strive for healthy homemaking?

I’m going to share some simple changes we have made toward more natural, healthy living. These small changes have added up to big differences over the years! Differences my family and home have benefited from. Read on for healthy homemaking tips!

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Natural Healthy Living Isn’t Always Easy

Before I go too far into what we have changed, I will say that we don’t ALWAYS choose the healthiest option every time. We still have things to learn and new disciplines to tackle.

When we go to a party or feel like a treat, then we let ourselves have what we want. It’s all about balance and growing healthier as we learn more.

My Start to Natural Healthy Living – What I learned doing a Whole30 Cleanse

Our first big push for living healthier came with trying out a popular cleanse called Whole30.

We heard all the health benefits of resetting your body on an all-natural diet and wanted to give our bodies a chance to clean out all the toxins we put in over time.

Read more about doing a Whole30 HERE!

cutting board with healthy food options like veggies and eggs

Essentially, this cleanse is eating all real foods such as meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, and some fruit. Over the 30 days, you cut out all of the well known allergens (such as dairy and gluten) and reduce the inflammation we all have from our American diet.

The best part of challenging yourself for these 30 days is that it forces you to look at the lists of food allowed and learn how to cook within those parameters.

A few great things I learned:

  1. What oils to cook my food with- I like to use Avocado Oil but Olive Oil is super healthy, too. Certain oils should never be used- like Vegetable Oil.
  2. How to read food labels to tell what my family is really consuming. Do you check the ingredients list on the label? You will be surprised how many ingredients are in your boxed food that you can’t pronounce.
  3. To be more mindful while I’m eating rather than just eating without thinking about it. If you want to eat something less healthy, then do it happily and enjoy it! But if you’re eating without consciously wanting to, then that’s a habit to quit.

We’ve now done Whole30 a few times, about once a year. It’s a great way to reset your body and focus on consuming the right foods that will fuel your body with the things it needs.

A couple years ago, I did a Whole30 when my jaw was having inflammation problems. I could barely open my mouth, and chewing was painful.

The cleanse took away my inflammation after a week and let my jaw heal.

After the 30 days we always go back to eating some of the foods that are not on the plan, but you’re not meant to stay on that list long-term. You’re supposed to let your body heal, then figure out which foods work for your body and are worth eating as you move forward.

Healthy Homemaking Tips Where Food is Concerned

We all know that there are a million diets and cleanses out there. We’ve all tried to make changes to be healthier or lose weight. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Skillet of healthy stir fry vegetables

1| Make small, sustainable changes toward living healthier.

Continue to make these changes, 1 or 2 each year, and over time those healthy new habits will add up!

2| Eat eggs for breakfast, even if it’s later in the morning!

I top them with guac, hummus, or buffalo chicken dip to change it up.

3| Once dinner is over, be done eating for the day.

Late night snacking is a dangerous game!

4| Limit alcohol to once a week.

This keeps it from becoming a problem, and you’ll feel better all around.

5| Make healthy homemade snacks for your family at the beginning of each week.

Find some ideas on our Pinterest page and don’t miss our Delicious Lara Ball Recipe that’s so good you’ll fight your kids for the last one!

6| Take a closer look at the food you eat.

There is an organization called EWG that scores products and ingredients to let consumers know the health content of foods they eat.

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Natural Homemaking for a Healthy Living Environment

Most Moms and Homemakers have been introduced to some kind of natural cleaning products. There are many brands out there that offer all-natural ingredients, or you can make your own out of simple ingredients you may already have in your cabinet (like vinegar and baking soda).

natural cleaning sprays

I began seeking out an alternative to regular laundry detergent for my husband. He’s had eczema his whole life and therefore has sensitive skin. We had to find a solution that cleans his well-used workout clothes but is still easy on his skin.

Some of my family have used products from a company called Melaleuca. Since I knew they made all-natural products, I decided to give their laundry detergent a try.

This isn’t an ad for Melaleuca, but since I began using it many years ago, I’ve learned about all the benefits of using all-natural products throughout my home. Products like Tide and Dawn are filled with chemicals and harsh ingredients. I wanted to minimize the use of those as much as possible.

I now use all natural cleaners all around my home: Laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and countertop/all purpose cleaning spray, to name a few.

Another part of having a healthier home is to take a look at your cosmetics, body soap, deodorant and all the products you use on your body. I don’t claim to be an expert on these topics, but with most things, the more natural the ingredients, the better they are for you.

To begin making changes towards a healthier home, educate yourself on what ingredients are used in the products in your home.

Ideas for a Healthier Home

  • Use an all-natural cleaner for your countertops and areas you wipe down each day.
  • Grow plants indoors to help filter your air.
  • Look for a section in your favorite grocery (Wal-Mart, Target) that has health products. Find a new all-natural product to try out.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the products you use in your home, EWG also scores brands and products to let consumers know how healthy they are.

EWG Home Cleaning Information , EWG Skin Product Information

Final Thoughts on Healthy Homemaking

We have so much information available to us! Sometimes that’s great, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve learned that making small changes each year adds up quickly.

We can find helpful websites to learn from and find inspiration for healthy new foods on Pinterest. Each new good habit we create can replace old bad habits. One good choice leads to another good choice, which leads to another good choice!

I’m so thankful for my husband’s pursuit of all things healthy. Once in a while we all need a push in the right direction.

What are some healthy homemaking tips you can share? Let me know in the comments below!

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Simple Changes toward Healthy Homemaking


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