How to Use Rainbow Henna for Dyeing Your Hair

Rainbow Henna Hairdye Products

Are you curious about Rainbow Henna hair dye? We’ll go over it all in this post! Rainbow henna ingredients and henna vs. chemical hair dye will be covered, as well as answering the question, “How long does henna last in your hair?”. I’ll share my tried and true rainbow henna hair dye recipe and a video tutorial on how to use rainbow henna for dyeing your hair, too!

To the Christian Mom with a Difficult Child: Ditto.

Are you a Christian Mom in a hard season, raising a challenging child? Days can be long and parenting can be extra tough when YOU are the mom with a difficult child. But I have to say: To the mom with a difficult child, you. are. not. alone. Read this post for encouragement as you navigate some of the hard parts of your journey.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Check out my absolute favorite things from Amazon! This list is for homemakers and moms and will make life so much easier and more beautiful.

Simple Guide to Beating Winter Blues for Christian Women

woman with winter blues

Are you looking for ways to escape the winter blues? This season can definitely take its toll on your mood and productivity, but a little self care for winter blues will help to perk you up and make you feel like yourself. Read our guide to beating winter blues for Christian women and get back to being your awesome self!

How to Have a Stress Free Christmas

Family with a Christmas tree celebrating How to Have a Stress Free Christmas

Are you wondering how to have a stress free Christmas? Is it even possible? It’s such a joyous season with so much to look forward to, but sometimes the chaos can be overwhelming. Read these 6 tips for a stress free Christmas season and make wonderful memories with your family!

The Pressure to be a Perfect Mom is OFF!

mom and child

The demands of being a mom can sometimes seem endless. Although it’s important and valuable work, we have a lot going on. Do we really need to add in the pressure to be a perfect mom? Keep reading, Mama, because I’m here to tell you: The pressure is off!

Temporary Healing?

I wonder if the blind man that Jesus healed ever worried that his sight was just temporary, or if the woman with the bleeding issue ever thought for sure she was going to start bleeding again. What about Elizabeth? Do you think she spent her first trimester wondering if she was going to miscarry? Maybe. I am not sure what they were thinking, but I do know a little about human nature, and doubt surely tends to creep in pretty regularly. At least I know it does for me. The Miracle The other night, the hubs and I were snuggling into bed. Just getting comfortable on the pillow, I opened …

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