Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

Cold & Flu Prevention Tips for Moms (And a Homemade Soap Recipe)

About 6 years ago, I came to the understanding that everything available to buy in stores and pharmacies isn’t always the best for our bodies.

I started researching.

Friends started researching on their own and sharing articles with me.

I started to read labels, observe our family in times of sickness and health and learn from it. I asked lots of questions. I learned a lot from a chiropractor friend.

I would like to take this time to share just a few cold and flu prevention tips and products we have discovered over the past several years that have helped our family and our health.

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My Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

Like I said, this happened over several years. These weren’t changes we made overnight and had everything in our house by Amazon the very next day!

1. Lauricidin

We are a little bit hippie when it comes to being sick. Our first thought isn’t to call the doctor. Our first thought is to get some pellets.

Our son’s chiropractor shared Lauricidin with us. It’s a product we order on Amazon that is made of fatty acids derived from lauric acid.

Lauric acid is found in things like breast milk and coconut oil.

Lauricidin (also referred to as monolaurin) is a plant-based supplement that aids in boosting the immune system and keeping your gut flora in check. Monolaurin also has health benefits of being antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

Read more about it HERE.

As I said, the first second we feel something coming on, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, etc., we start taking pellets.

We have seen great results in taking these, both in our kids and in my husband.

When my husband gets a cold, he used to fight it for at least a couple weeks. Last time he got sick, he took pellets a few times a day for a few days and he was much better within the week. He did get pretty bad one day, but made a very fast turn around, thankfully.

Our middle son used to get a barky cough. Pellets have helped him with that as well.

Obviously, there are some things you just can’t avoid. But it helps to have this in the house after we spend time with others who have been sick or need it to fight something on our own.

2. Air purifiers

In our family, a few of us are sensitive to smells and also have occasional allergies. We started learning about air purifiers to help. This was one of those things we had to save up for.

Now we have air purifiers in both bedrooms for our kids.  With them breathing in that air for almost half of their day, it’s very important to us that it’s clean.

We have two different kinds of air purifiers and one definitely works better than the other. One is a tower shape made by Holmes and it has the HEPA filters but doesn’t smell nearly as clean as the other purifier we have in the other bedroom.

Unfortunately, our favorite purifier is no longer made, but I have found one with carbon filters that seems like it’s made very similar. It will be our next purchase.

Having clean air in our home is very important to us, especially in the winter months when our house is closed up tightly from the cold. The boys sleep well and I believe this has also contributed to less illness in our home.

3. Homemade Soap Recipe

It’s so tempting to drink the germ-x this time of year. We do have germ-x in our home and in our vehicles and I will fill you in on when we use it.

However, most of the time we use homemade soap with Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap and a couple drops of essential oil. It’s so easy—no measuring— and it only costs about 50 cents per bottle! Watch my simple tutorial video here:

I buy a big bottle of lavender Castille soap and it lasts forever. I also bought refillable foaming soap dispensers.

We use this homemade soap in our bathrooms and in our kitchen.

The castille soap is a disinfectant, which means it removes bacteria along with dirt and other items from your hands.

Antibacterial soaps sound good, but it completely kills ALL the bacteria from your hands. Good and bad. Check out this link for a little more info.

Like I mentioned before, we do have germ-x and I know the kids use it a lot at school and church. We do use it at home when we’re working with our chickens and when we have foster kittens, just so nothing is brought into the house or out of the kitten room. Other than that, we use our homemade soap.

4. Vitamins C and D

They are my best friends.

Our kids take a multivitamin, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D every day. Our youngest takes a few more supplements but that’s another post for another day.

After starting these supplements (over the past few years), our kids’ health has improved tremendously.

We up the vitamin D in the winter and also the vitamin C if we have been around sick people.

We are currently using Seeking Health for our vitamins C and D and are very pleased. We use the Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Plus. It says that 1 serving is a teaspoon but we only give ¼.

It’s so potent that it’s perfect for most days when we are not fighting an illness. When we are, we give the full teaspoon a couple times a day.

Vitamin C provides a number of benefits. It helps boost immunity, produces white blood cells, helps with inflammation (which causes a host of troubles). For more detailed info, click here.

Vitamin D is also an anti-inflammatory. It plays a role in many of the body functions. With the source coming from the sun, it’s important to offer a little more of that during the darker winter months. You can read more about that here.

We do purchase these directly from because they offer discounts with subscribe and save orders. If you prefer not to shop from their website, Amazon has them as well!

Down with the Sickness

Please note, I am not a doctor nor have I gone to school to study these things in depth.

I am “just a mom” (ahem… a just mom) who has done a lot of research and these things are important to me and the rest of our family.

These cold and flu prevention tips are just what we prefer, and they work well. We have seen wonderful results after making these changes over the years.

If you would like to try Lauricidin, air purifiers, the castille homemade soap recipe, or Vitamins C and D, please remember one thing at a time and it’s much less overwhelming!

Please share what cold and flu prevention tips you have for me in the comments below! I love to learn!

Next Steps

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