Best Items On Amazon For Homemakers

“Where have you been all my life?”

Have you ever found yourself saying that after discovering an item that helps to decrease stress in your life, or just makes you smile? I have been there so many times!

I have done some research by asking close friends and family “If you are a homemaker, what are your favorite products?”, and reading customer reviews. With those combined sources, I’ve put together this list with some of the best items on Amazon for homemakers!

If you’re a homemaker, get ready to go crazy for these products that will make your life easier or just make good sense.

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But, First… Do You Have an Amazon Prime Membership?

Before I get into my list of the best items on Amazon, can we please talk about Amazon Prime? There really is nothing like it. 

So many items. On one single website.

With reviews.

Delivered to your house in about 2 days. Sometimes less!

It is SO convenient. Sometimes a little too convenient, if I’m being honest.

Amazon Prime Membership comes with a ton of perks, but almost everyone I know joins for the free 2-day shipping! It’s only $99 for the whole year, which comes out to a little over $8/month. If you’ve ever had to pay for shipping when online shopping, you know this is a steal! 

More Benefits that are included in an Amazon Prime Membership:

I’m probably not even naming them all, but here are some added benefits!

  • Prime Video – instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes
  • Prime Reading – borrow Kindle books for free
  • Amazon Music – over 2 million songs for free, and they’re ad-free!
  • Amazon Photos – unlimited photo storage so you never lose your most precious memories
  • We talked about the free 2-day shipping, but it’s worth mentioning that there is no minimum order size for this benefit! There’s no having to spend more to save on shipping costs.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership yet, why not try it for free? They will give you 30 days to test it out and decide whether it’s for you or not. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Best Items on Amazon for Homemakers

Without any further delay, I have some of the best things on Amazon Prime posted below.

All of these items have been vetted for you.

If a product has made it on this list, that means I have either personally used and loved it, it was recommended by a friend or family member, or it has overwhelmingly positive reviews that speak for themselves!

Home Decor

It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s nice to have pretty things to look at. Which is why I am starting out with Home Decor! 

Many of us have spent a large portion of the past year in our home, looking at the same things. It’s nice to add small changes or little touches here and there. They can really lift my spirit!

Here are some favorite products on Amazon for the home!

String Lights

We recently got these vintage indoor/outdoor lights for our dining room.

We were eating by candlelight at dinner for a couple months but it just wasn’t giving us enough light to pass the ketchup! We loved the cozy ambiance the candles gave us, but we needed to be able to see better.

We have had vintage lights on our patio for years but never thought of bringing them in the house until recently.

We love this set of lights. I usually keep them on about mid-afternoon until we go to bed. It is fun and the kids say it feels like we are enjoying dinner out on a restaurant’s patio!

Throw Pillow Inserts

I love throw pillows! They make everything so cozy.

We aren’t able to have throw pillows right now because our new puppy just loves them too much. Hopefully one day soon we will have the pillows out again!

Throw pillow inserts are fabulous because you don’t have a million pillows laying around taking up space. You can change out the covers and use the same inserts. It’s a simple and cheap way to spruce up your home!

Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers

Farmhouse decor is very popular right now. Maybe it’s because it is pretty flexible and can blend well with other design styles.

Or maybe it’s the simpleness of the farmhouse style that people love as they seek a slower pace in their lives.

Regardless, Amazon has many farmhouse throw pillow covers. Here are a few pretty styles:

3 Tier Farmhouse Tray

Multi-layered trays are a big hit because they provide an opportunity to display decorations/fruits/snacks/ and much more.

The vertical design provides some great storage and doesn’t take up much space. Fellow Just Homemaker, Jenna, has this tiered tray and it comes with great reviews! Here are a few ways she has decorated it for different seasons:

Charger Plates

Jenna also inspired me to get some awesome charger plates. I saw them when I was visiting one time and noticed how the precious chargers were catching so many of the crumbs that my kids would be dropping off their plates during meals, while also protecting her wooden table.

I went home from my visit and told my husband that we needed some charger plates. We have been using them ever since! They are very helpful and they sure look pretty! 

8×10 Frames

Seasonal framed art is a great way to change up your space and add some excitement for the seasons and holidays. These frames come with different color choices so you can choose what best fits your style.

>>Check out our Etsy shop for some of our favorite 8×10 printables. Our shop is rated 5 stars and offers digital products (which is fancy-talk for “items you can print yourself”) so you can easily switch out your decor at an affordable price!


Having the right supplies and tools makes all the difference when cleaning and maintaining your home. I asked. Friends and family answered. They provided many great items that they can’t live without. Some I already have and love, and some I didn’t even know existed!

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are fabulous. I love how clean they get things and I love that I can throw them in the washing machine and reuse them.

In our house, we have certain colors for certain bathrooms just to help us all remember to put them back where they go when they come out of the wash.

Scouring sticks

My sister-in-law loves this product so much. She couldn’t recommend it enough.

After reading the reviews and seeing the before and after pictures, I cannot wait to order my own! Have you ever used the scouring stick? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Touch Free Soap Dispenser

This hidden jewel looks amazing. It was shared with me by a friend.

How nice would this be for the kids? The perfect amount of soap dispensed automatically into your sweet little children’s hands. Chances are, they are going to love it and their hands will be cleaner than ever.

Did I mention this touch free soap dispenser has a charger and that the battery lasts for a couple months?!?

Refillable Foaming Soap Dispenser

This beautiful soap dispenser is one of those “Where have you been all my life?” items. A friend recommended these dispensers. Like me, she makes her own soap. (See the next item on this list for more info on that!)

I had been using old plastic foaming soap dispensers and just refilling them when I made my soap, which was totally fine. However, if I had a dollar for every time one of our kids knocked that soap dispenser into the sink when trying to get a pump of soap, I would have……….enough of these soap dispensers to hand out to everybody!

After seeing this item referred by a friend, I ordered our own set.

The excitement from the kids was amazing.

“Mom, these are SO nice!”

“I’m not knocking it all over the sink!”

“The soap comes out so smoothly!”

I concur. They are fabulous and I will probably replace our last remaining plastic one in the near future! I love that they come in different finishes to match your current aesthetic.

Castille Soap

I love Castille soap! I love the gentleness of it and how versatile it is.

My favorite way to use it is for general cleaning and for making my own handsoap.

>>Making your own DIY Castile Foaming Hand Soap is super simple. You can learn how I do it in under a minute, and it only costs me pennies for each bottle!

Shark Vacuum

This Shark Vacuum was referred by a friend during my research. We have one as well and love it dearly.

This particular model has some great features like a large canister that will not require frequent dumping. It also has the lift away feature to help remove the canister for more convenient cleaning.

With almost 15,000 reviews at 4.5 stars you really can’t beat it!

Robot Vacuum

I feel like everyone who has one says they don’t know why they waited so long to get it! This is the one fellow Just Homemaker, Jenna, has and loves!

Bissell Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you are looking for a tool to both vacuum and wash at the same time, look no further. This Bissel product looks to be one of the best value wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

This was recommended by a friend and was on the wish list for several others.

This Bissell Crosswave All In One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is the union of your wet mop and your vacuum. I do not currently have one, but I can see why friends and reviewers love it. It cuts down on storage as you only have to store one item, rather than a vacuum and a mop.

In looking at the reviews, 75% of reviewers gave this item 5 stars! Another 12% gave it 4 stars.

Bissel Steam Mop

I had been using the Norwex mops and wiping our floors down by hand, but still felt like we needed something else. After using Christmas money to get myself this steam mop, I was both excited and also pretty shocked at how much cleaner it was able to make our floors!

We are in and out of our house a lot. We have a new puppy. We have chickens. Even with leaving shoes by the door, dirt gets tracked in.

The cleaning pad was so full the first time I steam mopped and it washed up beautifully. The feeling of the floors under my feet was amazing. Now, I honestly look forward to steam mopping!

Window Blind Cleaning Tool with Microfiber Sleeves

Jenna told me about this awesome tool for cleaning blinds. They clean the tops and bottoms of two blinds at once, literally cutting this (terrible job that no one likes to do) in half! In fact, she said her boys usually fight over who gets to use it – – good thing it’s cheap, so she just bought a second one!

Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray

I first heard of stainless steel cleaning spray on social media. A friend had posted about how she wished she had learned about this product years ago.

This plant based cleaner comes with a cleaning cloth and helps you say goodbye to all the fingerprints and streaks that stainless steel appliances love to put on display.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, right? These products will help make your time spent in the kitchen go more smoothly.

Aluminum Foil Pans with Lids

These aluminum foil pans with lids are amazing! They are great when sharing a meal with people, bringing a dish to pass, or just for your everyday baking needs.

This is a great set with several pieces that would last a long time!

Pioneer Woman Bowls

My mom gifted me these Pioneer Woman bowls and I love them. They are SO pretty and look like glass or ceramic, but are very lightweight and made of melamine.

They also come with tight fitting lids.

I love these for cutting up watermelon in the summer, going to cookouts, and serving dinner in the evenings. The design is the perfect mixture of convenience and beauty, and I love that they are not breakable like my glass dishes!


This masher was recommended by several people! I have one as well! It is SO fabulous for breaking down meat, making guacamole, mashing potatoes, and so much more.

Mandoline Chopper

Sometimes chopping and slicing is therapeutic, and other times we just don’t have time for it! This Mandoline Chopper is fabulous for all your chopping, grating, and slicing needs. It also has the space to store the food after you have prepared it so you aren’t cleaning up the mess all over the counter!

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

In researching with friends about life-changing items in the kitchen, the Ninja Food Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer was at the top of the list!

One of my friends is away from home for a length of time, so she and her husband took this appliance with them and use it nearly everyday!

It makes all your cooking dreams come true! It has the best reviews I have ever seen on an item on Amazon. This Ninja Foodi pressure cooks, air frys, broils, sears, steams, slow cooks, and even makes yogurt. 

Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

We are trying to get the kids more involved in the cooking but we also want them to be safe! I have had a few “Don’t grab that!!!!!” moments over the years, and teaching them oven safety takes time.

We really enjoy our heat resistant oven gloves and the kids feel so much more confident working with the oven while wearing them.

Please note, these are not fully heat blocking but they work well for us to move pans and dishes quickly. The grippers are an added bonus so we aren’t dropping things along the way! Our boys range from ages 9-14 and they work well for us!

Food Dispenser

I had no idea you could purchase these dry food dispensers! They are so fun!

I can’t tell you how many times we rip the cereal bag, have pieces spilling on the floor, or get stale cereal. This seems like it would be super helpful for the kids to get their own cereal and comes greatly recommended by a friend!

Pan and Lid Rack

These pan and lid racks are recommended because they save space in the cabinets and they help everything to go in its proper place.

The cabinet where we store our pots and pans is so hard to keep organized. I feel like I need to reorganize it every time I open it. I probably would benefit from one of these! How about you?

OXO Avocado Slicer

Oh the Avocado. I love it so much. I didn’t love that I was constantly cutting my hand trying to remove the pit. This little tool makes it oh-so-easy.

I love the plastic blade on the top, the simple twist of removing and popping out the pit, and the built-in slicer at the bottom. It’s so much safer. I will say, it works best when my avocados are fully ripe. If they are still a little firm, the slicer gives me a bit of trouble.

Kitchen Floor Mat

This kitchen floor mat was recommended by a friend. Regardless if you work inside or outside the home, you are spending time in the kitchen and definitely around the sink.

Or maybe you are standing at a desk most of the day, or working in a garage.

This mat provides support for your back and feet! Its stain-resistant material and non-slip bottom are great added bonus features.

Food Storage Containers

I love to open the cabinets and see my food in clear storage containers. It looks pretty and it helps me to see how much I have left of that product. No more pulling a box out of the pantry only to find that it’s empty!

These are recommended by a friend and also have excellent reviews. I love that they are BPA free!

Pampered Chef Scrapers

These are the best! I use them all the time and they were a favorite item by many when I asked for recommendations.

These scrapers are great for washing dishes, making crafts, and so many other random household tasks (like scraping candle wax off the wall– yeah, it happened).

Over The Sink Roll Up Drying Mat

I love a clean counter. It makes me so happy. But usually, the most random things make it to the kitchen counter. Right now, we have a fish named Comet living in our kitchen. He likes the lighting, and up on the counter, he is safe from the puppy!

All that to say, I had never heard of a roll up drying dish mat that fits over one side of the sink. I have this on my wish list. It would be so convenient because my dishes would dry quicker and the clutter on the counters would decrease.

It’s also great for washing fruits and veggies!

Cookie Scoop

I was making cookies with my sister in law over Christmas and I was drooling a little bit over her cookie scoop! Yes, I have heard of them, but just never gotten one.

My goodness. So quick and so easy for scooping out those cookies! Also on my wishlist!

Silicone Baking Mats

Speaking of cookies… these baking mats are fabulous! No need for parchment paper, and you can reuse them! The reviews speak for themselves!


Oh, don’t we all like to feel as though we have our lives together? Organization is a huge part of making sure our brains and living spaces are clutter-free. These items will help!

Daily Planner

This planner comes with great recommendations. It is a fabulous tool to help keep your home and tasks organized. Some favorite design features are the blank pages you can fill in, tear-off task sheets, and calendars for weekly and monthly planning.

Photo Cases

You can already guess. This is on my wishlist.

I have boxes and bins of pictures that I started to go through years ago and then got stuck. I think I was waiting for somebody to share this organizing system with me. These photo cases are sleek and are a great way to store pictures, kids’ puzzles, and flashcards!

Pocket Organizer

Each of our kids has over-the-door pocket organizers in their rooms. They have all these little trinkets and treasures that they would like to hang onto and these organizers are a great way for their items to be safe.

The mesh pockets allow for easy viewing and access! Every now and then, we clean out their organizers and they donate or throw away items they no longer want to keep.

Some homemakers use these for other purposes. I know Jenna keeps one in her pantry for easy-access snacks, and also to store her boys’ sports uniforms and all the coordinating pieces. Some people use them in their closets to store smaller items like scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

Really, the possibilities are endless and once you start using these pocket organizers, you’ll find a use for them all over your house!

Roll out Spice Rack

So many spices. So little room. A rollout spice rack may be the perfect solution for your cooking and viewing needs! This was a game changer for one of my friends in the kitchen!

Desk Drawer Organizer

I love desk drawer organizers. Really, I just love organizing anything I can.

These clear organizers are fabulous for junk drawers, desks, toiletries, etc. Our boys each have their own little cubby to keep their toothbrush and toothpaste in. It has been super helpful the past few years!

Slim Laundry Hamper

This roll out hamper made the list because it is such a space saver. If you are in need of a smaller laundry hamper, this one may be a great option. It’s loved because it’s slim, has wheels, has a mesh drawstring tie on top, and is collapsible!

Clear Storage Boxes

I love clear storage boxes so much that I would buy them with my birthday money. I love the way they stack on top of each other and how you can see what is in them. They are great in closets, the garage, and anywhere your heart desires!


These delightful, random products are just good to have!


Pretty coasters that actually work well are the best. These beautiful coasters are known for their ability to absorb the sweat off glasses and the designs are absolutely stunning!

Cell Phone Stand

After having several meetings through Zoom with my phone propped up on books and board games, I decided I should look into something that might be a little more convenient. This cell phone stand is very adjustable, and it is great for kindles and other devices, too.

Perfect for viewing recipes in the kitchen, video chatting, reading, and much more! You can probably already guess, but it’s on my wishlist.

Bath Tray Caddy

Self care. It’s so important. One of my favorite ways to care for myself is to take a bath. Even if I just get 10 minutes, it’s totally worth it.

I love to listen to podcasts when in my bath. This bath caddy would help make the bath even more relaxing. I can see our kids even asking to take baths just so they could use a tray like this. Not a necessity for sure, but it would be really great to have!

Do you have a bath caddy? Would love to hear your thoughts.

>>For ideas on Christian Self Care, read Soul Care for Women: The Recharge You Need.


These pillows were referred by a friend and they look amazing! Having comfortable and clean pillows is super important to your rest. These look very comfy, and I look forward to trying them next time we need to replace some of ours!

Fast Drying Hand Towels

These microfiber towels have been so great for our family. There are five of us constantly washing our hands. It’s covid. We have chickens. We have a puppy. So much hand washing.

Our previous hand towels were good for about 45 minutes and then they got soggy and never dried. I put off buying these for about 3 months and finally did. I am so thankful.

They are so soft and dry your hands much more gently than other towels. They dry between use, which is what I was hoping for. Yes, they stick to things in the dryer, but I don’t even care. It’s recommended that you don’t use dryer sheets with these to help them keep their absorbency. Our dryer balls have worked fine with them.

This is definitely a “wish I had bought these sooner” product.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Did you know there are toothpaste squeezers that help you get all that toothpaste out of the tube? They really are great and easy to use. We have been using them for probably 10 years and love them!

Over the Cabinet Organizer 

This over the door basket organizer is not only cute but also very efficient. It is perfect for storing extra towels, hair tools, cleaning supplies, and much more. 

Plastic Organizer For Toiletries

This clear organizer is perfect for organizing those toiletries that keep rolling around on your vanity or in your drawers. I love how it separates items and how the sides are tall enough to support taller items from falling over!

What Are the Best Items on Amazon You Recommend?

I hope you have enjoyed this post of some of the best items on Amazon for homemakers. It was educational and so much fun to write.

I am dying to hear, what are some helpful things on Amazon that your family has grown to love?? Please share in the comments!

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