Customizable Cleaning Schedule For Stay At Home Moms

A peek inside: Need help organizing your homemaking tasks? We’ve got your back with our cleaning schedule for stay at home moms. This SAHM cleaning schedule is totally customizable, and will save you energy and brain space! 

Have you ever found yourself on your knees wiping off baseboards minutes before company was set to arrive?

I have been there. 

All your true friends would tell you they don’t care that your baseboards are dirty (and they probably don’t). Sometimes it’s just hard to relax and enjoy a visit when you see the chocolate milk splattered all over the wall. You thought for sure it had been cleaned up the night before. 

We understand.

It’s a lot to manage. Having a tool to help remember those tasks helps them get done the way you want them to, and in a timeframe you’re happy with.

At Just Homemaking we want to make your life easier. If you are like us, you like to free up brain space while getting your to-do list done at the same time. 

We can’t wait to share our customizable cleaning schedule for stay at home moms with you!   

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Table of Contents

What is a SAHM Cleaning Schedule

Why a stay at home mom cleaning routine is important

Check out our House Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home moms

More than just a weekly cleaning schedule for stay at home moms

Flexible Options to use your SAHM Cleaning Routine

Where to buy our Cleaning & Caring for Home Planner

Maintaining a Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home Moms is Totally Doable!

What is a SAHM Cleaning Schedule?

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a SAHM cleaning schedule?

A SAHM cleaning schedule is simply an organized plan to help you accomplish your household duties in an efficient and successful way. 

Woman dusting bookshelf

Cleaning schedules include the tasks you need to accomplish and the timeframe that they will be done. 

Cleaning schedules for families also get specific as to who is going to do what tasks. For example, we keep the same child in charge of garbage the entire month. The same goes true for recycling tasks and filling up our Berkey. 

Now that we have seen how simple a SAHM cleaning schedule can be, let’s take a look at why it’s important.

Why a stay at home mom cleaning routine is important

Let’s face it, having a stay at home mom cleaning routine is helpful for a couple reasons.

1. You’ll avoid distractions.

So many things fight for our attention on a daily basis and being good stewards of our time will only help us to be more productive and successful.

2. You’ll save brain space.

How many times have you thought, “I meant to get that done this week” or “when was the last time we changed the furnace filter?”

As a homemaker, we are managing so many components of our life and the lives of others. It’s too hard to remember all the other details. A cleaning schedule will eliminate decision fatigue and forgetfulness!

broom sweeping into a dust pan

3. You’ll experience reduced stress.

By using a SAHM cleaning schedule we make a plan to succeed, which provides a more relaxed feeling in our homes.

Chores won’t pile up and you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed.

4. You’ll have more time for other things.

When you have a plan, you get to choose where your time is spent. You can intentionally include margin or carve out time for relationships, hobbies, self care, family activities, etc.

spray bottle and rubber gloves sitting on shelf by plant

5. You’ll be able to delegate more easily.

When you know what needs to get done and when, you can more easily include your family in cleaning and maintaining your home.

6. You’ll feel better about having guests over.

Whether planned or unplanned, you’ll feel a lot better about opening your door and welcoming others into your home, because things will have been cleaned regularly.

Quick tidy-ups may still be in order, but your house won’t be dirty.

7. You become proactive.

Rather than just reacting to messes around the house, tasks that need to be done, and all around putting out little fires everywhere, you will be chucking away at these items on purpose. 

woman on knees cleaning wood floor with cloth

8. You’ll intentionally create peace.

For yourself and your family members, the whole house functions better when things are taken care of intentionally and predictably.

9. You’ll be more flexible.

When you have a routine, you’ll be able to adjust and adapt when necessary.

Whether changes are necessary for a season or just a day, you’ll have a clear picture of what you need to get done and see where you can tweak things for better efficiency.

10. You’ll maintain your home in addition to cleaning it.

There’s a lot more to a home’s needs than just cleanliness. By using a routine, you’ll ensure that regular household maintenance is happening to help your home function efficiently.

mop on wood floor

Check out our House Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home moms

Now that we have talked about what a great tool cleaning systems can be, we would like to show you Just Homemaking’s house cleaning schedule for stay at home moms. 

Our caring and cleaning for the home planner is simple to use and adaptable to fit your family’s needs. 

You have the option to use the tasks provided and you can also add your own to custom fit your needs. 

Another great feature is that you can check your tasks off as you go. 

For a better understanding of how the house cleaning planner works, you can check out the video below. 

More than just a weekly cleaning schedule for stay at home moms

At Just Homemaking we realize that some tasks require daily attention while some only need your attention 1 time a year. 

This cleaning schedule for SAHMs is divided into different frequencies of tasks. 

You can maintain tasks daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. 

Flexible Options to use your SAHM Cleaning Routine

The cleaning and caring for home planner comes with several flexible options for use. No matter how you stay organized, we have you covered.

If you enjoy seeing all your information on a spreadsheet, we have that available. Make sure that you have a free google account (if you don’t already) so that you can access and edit your cleaning planner through Google Sheets.

cleaning schedule for stay at home moms (spreadsheet)

If you prefer to hold a paper and pen, we have you covered as well. You have the option of printing your cleaning routine as a PDF that you can either write on or laminate and write on with a dry erase marker.

cleaning schedule for stay at home moms (pen and paper)


Finally, if you’re a little more digital and like the ease of viewing and editing a digital PDF on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can do that as well.

cleaning schedule for stay at home moms (digital)

When purchasing the Cleaning and Caring for Home planner, you will have access to all three of these options. You can use whichever one works best for you, or a combination of the three!

If you watch the video earlier in this post, you’ll see how easy it is to use each option.

Where to buy our Cleaning & Caring for Home Planner

Now that you know the benefits of this SAHM cleaning routine and you have seen our tutorial about how easy it is to use, we want to tell you about the 2 different ways you can purchase it so you can choose the best option for your needs.

>>> 1. You can purchase the Just Homemaking Cleaning and Caring for Home Planner as an individual product.

Maybe that’s the exact thing you have been searching for that led you to this page. We gotchu! You can purchase this planner by clicking here and get yourself started and organized in your cleaning routine today.

cleaning and caring for home planner for stay at home moms

— OR —

Maybe you are looking for more than just a planner. 

I would love to tell you about our homemaking course, Renew Your Homemaking, because…

<<< 2. You can purchase the Renew Your Homemaking Course, which INCLUDES this Cleaning & Caring for Home Planner and so much more!

Christian Homemaking Course

As homemakers ourselves, we sat down and took a close look at what we wished we had available to us when we were overwhelmed with our homemaking responsibilities.

We looked at cleaning routines, meal planning, and finances and created systems that would work.

Then, we examined our hearts towards the ministry of homemaking and aligned our desires with God’s instruction through scripture.

Finally, we took our years of homemaking experience and poured our hearts into packaging our knowledge into a complete, done-for-you course, called Renew Your Homemaking, that will transform the way you love your home, your people, and your role as a homemaker.

Our prayer is that this course will help you love your job as a homemaker and make it SO much easier on you!

The Cleaning and Caring for Home Planner is  just one of the many resources you will find included in our Homemaking Course.

>>> So, if you ONLY need to focus on a cleaning routine, then snag this cleaning and caring for home planner. If you need help in more areas, grab the homemaking course, which includes the cleaning planner and so much more!

Maintaining a Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home Moms is Totally Doable!

It feels good to have a job well done. Although cleaning and maintaining our home feels like a never ending task, you can still still be successful. 

When you have all your tasks organized in this simple system, you will be able to enjoy more of the things and people in your life that you love. 

Just like anything that you try for the first time, you might have some kinks to work through. 

You will also learn how to best to accommodate the planner to your family’s needs

Take control of your cleaning routine and let us help you take some stress off your homemaking today!

Cleaning Routine for Stay at Home Moms


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