Intentional Homemaking: A Christian Mom’s Guide

A Look Inside: If the days and years are going by without direction and purpose, you may need to focus your heart and mind on Intentional Homemaking. Here, we’ll help you understand what it is to be an Intentional Homemaker and exactly how you can become one.

Do you desire to live intentionally, raise your kids well, love your husband, care for your home well, and serve Jesus with your whole heart?

If that sounds like you, then you’re in good company! We are Just Homemaking and we are a group of women here to encourage and equip you on your homemaking journey.

What is Intentional Homemaking?

Let’s chat for a minute about what it means to be an “Intentional Homemaker.”

Intentional Homemaking (to us at Just Homemaking) is a high calling to honor God’s plan for your life by using your unique gifts and talents to intentionally care for the relationships and spaces with which He’s entrusted you.

intentional homemaking

Most intentional homemakers “work” to some degree, but every woman’s work looks different. You may work outside of the home. Or you may have littles at home that you invest in all day. You may have a side business to make extra income. Or you may homeschool. You may work one or two days a week.

Whatever your “work” looks like, Christian women are all called to intentional homemaking alongside our work.

Here’s a simple framework of how you can focus as you seek to live more intentionally in your role at home.

What Intentional Homemakers Can Focus On

1| Letting your relationship with Jesus guide your days.

Take the pressure off of all the other voices trying to tell you what’s most important.

2| Following God’s word.

For you personally, and as you shepherd your children.

3| Loving and respecting your husband.

He should be the head of your home.

Intentional homemaker with her son in the kitchen

4| Keeping the home tidy and organized.

This serves the needs of your family. Of course, they can help!

5| Developing your homemaking skills.

As you’re able and as needed, you can learn new things and grow in your role. This includes things like learning to cook healthy meals and growing in your hospitality.

6| Investing time into your family.

Build life-long relationships that change and grow over time.

7| Adapting as seasons of life change.

Your homemaking role will evolve as your family grows and matures. How you care for them will change year to year, season to season, and stage to stage.

8| Stewarding your time.

Make the most of your days.

9| Stewarding your finances.

Whether you’re in charge of your family’s budget, or just a helper to your husband, you need to make wise financial decisions. Things like grocery shopping and clothing allowances have to be managed well.

10| Using your talents.

We are all members of the body of Christ, the Church, and should be using our talents to edify the body and further His kingdom.

11| Serving people outside of your home.

As an intentional homemaker, you will see needs arise almost everywhere. You can serve people as if serving the Lord.

Intentional homemaking: woman learning to sew with a sewing machine

Being an intentional homemaker is difficult these days. It’s not something most women were taught to do. And it’s not encouraged by the society we live in.

But when we look to The Bible, we see how important this role is to God.

Bible Verses about Intentional Homemaking

So, let’s look to God’s word. We know that’s always the best place for answers.

What does the Bible say about intentional homemaking?

Titus 2:3-5

Woman praying over the Bible: learning about intentional homemaking

Proverbs 31:10-31

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Deuteronomy 6:5-7

Woman learning an intentional homemaking skill: Cooking healthy meals

1 Timothy 5:13–14

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Do you want to dive deeper into Intentional Homemaking?

Welcome to Just Homemaking: the place where Christian Moms can find Heart Change as they grow closer to Jesus and learn about their Biblical value as a Homemaker.

We believe that when we honor God through Homemaking it encourages our faith and carries over to our homes and families. That impact in our homes and families then pours out to others– making ripple effects for the people we do life with, and for the generations that will come after us.

Are YOU ready for Heart Change and to follow after your Homemaking role as designed by God? Then you have to check out our Intentional Homemaking Course.

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After completing the intentional homemaking course you will:

-have clarity over what your goals are as a homemaker

-learn to align your desires with God’s word

-embrace your unique gifts and talents and be encouraged to use them intentionally as you care for your home and your people

-learn the 3 elements that are essential to thrive in your role, and be encouraged to implement them with bite-sized action items

-be able to evaluate your own growth and equipping with measurable results

-come away with a renewed perspective, feeling excited to treat homemaking with intentionality

Here’s a short video to help you understand how the course works:

We’d love for you to join us as we pursue Intentional Homemaking together!


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