Homemaking Like a Boss: A Free Homemaking Challenge

A peek inside this post: Up for a little homemaking challenge? Try this challenge for seven days and you’ll be homemaking like a boss (the good kind!) within a week.

Do you need a little inspiration in your homemaking duties?

The truth is, many homemakers aren’t treating their role like a real job. Instead of showing up like a boss with a vision, they’re acting more like disgruntled employees.

Ever been there?

What if, instead, we showed up to our homemaking job every day, and treated it like a business whose mission we believe in wholeheartedly?

What if we were so invested in our mission and our team, that we approached each day with renewed vigor and intentionality?

What if we showed up to work like the boss?

When you’re the boss, you treat your work differently. A boss has to adhere to certain standards in order for her team + mission to thrive.

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In this challenge, we’ll be looking at principles found in successful leaders, and applying those principles to our lives as homemakers. Don’t worry, there’s no trendy “BoSs BaBe EnErGy” happening here. It’s all about treating this beautiful role with true purpose!

Let’s learn how…

A Challenge for Homemakers: How to Homemake Like a Boss

01| Fix your mindset and choose your community.

Homemaking Challenge: Fix your mindset and choose your community.

Just like a boss, the Christian homemaker’s mindset and the strength of her community can shape the very fabric of her success.

A homemaker with a positive, visionary mindset can truly inspire her team (her family), while a supportive community provides a foundation for encouragement, growth, and shared victories. (We’re happy to be a part of your homemaking community, even virtually!)

02| Show up daily and act professionally.

Homemaking Challenge: Show up daily and act professionally.

Just like a boss in the professional realm, a Christian homemaker should understand the importance of consistency and a positive attitude in creating a thriving home.

We don’t have the luxury to let our work
flounder for days on end without us. Every day, we must show up to work with a commitment to our mission, and treat our people with kindness and respect.

03| Set some goals.

Homemaking Challenge: Set some goals.

A savvy Christian homemaker can adopt the practice of setting goals that a boss in the corporate world uses by strategically mapping out short-term and long-term objectives.

What are your short-term aspirations for your family this week? What long-term dreams do you hold for the future?

Let these goals shape your homemaking journey!

04| Communicate clear expectations.

Homemaking Challenge: Communicate clear expectations.

An effective boss sets clear expectations for herself and her team. As Christian homemakers, we can do the same!

If we treat the delegation of tasks as a household collaboration, each member is more likely to find value and dignity in their responsibilities and contributions, rather than feeling burdened by them.

05| Prioritize.

Homemaking Challenge: Prioritize.

Just as a boss identifies key priorities in the workplace, we as homemakers can learn to prioritize and invest our time, energy, and resources into the areas where they matter most.

Faith, family, home management, community, and self care are all important areas that require the careful delegation of our time and resources.

06| Create a consistent schedule and minimize distractions.

Homemaking Challenge: Create a consistent schedule and minimize distractions.

In the professional sector, a boss knows that dedicated work hours and eliminating unnecessary distractions are crucial principles to her business.

We can infuse these disciplines into our homemaking, too!

Having consistent work hours and eliminating distractions affords the Christian homemaker peace in her role, encouraging her to approach responsibilities with intentionality, order, and a sense of purpose.

07| Establish work/life balance.

Homemaking Challenge: Establish work/life balance.

This is perhaps one of the hardest disciplines for homemakers.

Think about it: if a boss shouldn’t bring work home with them all the time, how hard must it be for homemakers when “work” is staring them in the face all day?

Figuring out this healthy balance will be crucial to job satisfaction in this role. The Christian homemaker flourishes when she can view her home as, not a burden of tasks, but the beautiful combination of God’s provision and her unwavering commitment.

08| Know your value.

Homemaking Challenge: Know your value.

A boss who knows who she is and what she’s good at is a confident leader. The same is true for Christian homemakers!

When you know and appreciate your strengths, you can use them for the glory of God and the edification of others.

09| Check in with your team.

Homemaking Challenge: Check in with your team.

Regularly connecting with the team is an essential leadership practice that fosters communication, trust, and support. A Christian homemaker can take this concept of checking in with the team and apply it to her household relationships.

By checking in with her family regularly, the Christian homemaker ensures that each member feels known, valued, and seen. As a student of her loved ones, she applies what she’s learned to help the entire household thrive.

10| Train for your job and continue learning.

Homemaking Challenge: Train for your job and continue learning.

Training for her job and being a lifelong learner is how a boss continues to grow in her role.

Homemakers can adopt this practice by challenging herself with new disciplines, learning new skills, and polishing up on fundamentals that don’t come naturally to her.

No woman “graduates” from managing her home– it’s an ongoing honor and responsibility. It’s her career path, a lifetime devoted to intentional service.

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Homemaking Like a Boss: A Free Homemaking Challenge


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