A Devotional for Moms that’s not just about Motherhood (sample for free!)

A peek inside this post: Needing direction and inspiration as a mom, wife and Christian woman? Read our Mom Devotional: Heart Change for Homemakers to learn what scripture says about your many roles and how you can focus your heart on Jesus. Feel inspired by scripture and the best mom devotional in understanding your Biblical role.

The world does a good job of telling us where we should focus our attention. From products and trips to activities and our time…we are never left without options for things to purchase and do.

Are you looking for simple direction and wisdom that you know can only come from scripture?

Do you want to simplify your life and gain focus on what truly matters?

The world tells us that busyness and purchasing (among others) will give us fulfillment. But as Christians, we know that isn’t where our fulfillment comes from.

That’s why we wrote “Heart Change for Homemakers”: A daily devotions workbook for women. In this mom devotional we discuss key scripture about what God wants for women. We cover the 5 main areas women are balancing: Homemaking, Marriage, Motherhood, Faith, and Self Care.

Mom Devotional: Heart Change for Homemakers Cover

The book contains a Bible Verse for each day, along with encouragement for women, a challenge, prayer, and space for your to write a reflection.

There’s also beautiful Scripture Cards for you to cut out and keep as reminders around your home.

Scripture Cards from mom devotional workbook

After reading the book, you’ll feel more equipped to treat your role with intentionality. By leaning on God and what He has dictated for your day, you’ll be better able to focus on your four walls and the family that calls it home.

Who We Are: The Women Behind this Devotional for Homemakers and Moms

At Just Homemaking, our goal is to help other women see their roles as wives, moms, and homemakers (whether they stay home, work outside the home, or have some sort of side hustle) as a tremendous ministry.

We are Suzanne, Jenna, and Melissa…writers at Just Homemaking. We have been pouring our hearts into our homes, husbands, and our children for many years now, as well as doing our best to honor God.

But you see, the three of us didn’t always treat our roles with intentionality. Just like most women, we struggled to adjust going from a “me” to being a “we” in our relationships with our respective husbands and children.

We had to unlearn years of lies that the world whispered to us about the kinds of things that would fulfill us.

Thankfully, we actively pursued God and He renovated our hearts to find peace and fulfillment in Him as we learned to care for our homes and families.

Now we’re on a mission to come alongside other women who need that truth.

Heart Change devotional for homemakers

And that includes you too!

Why You Need this Daily Devotional for Moms

We believe God has given you unique skills and talents, and He has entrusted you to use them to love and serve your people well. 

You were placed on this earth with intentionality, and so when you honor God, He will soften your heart to embrace your role of biblical servanthood and use you right where you are, to minister to the people you already do life with.

That heart change in you carries over to your home and to your family.

And then that impact in your home and family pours out to others– making ripple effects for the people you do life with, and for the generations that will come after you.

Heart Change for Homemakers devoitional

If you want to thrive, if you want the impact, if you want the GENERATIONAL RIPPLES, you don’t have to look any further than where you already are. But we believe you do have to start with those key steps first:

Honor God.

Heart Change.

Only then will you see lasting effects and be able to truly thrive in your role.

What’s in our “Mom Devotional”

To help cultivate that Heart Change we’ve talked about, we’ve written a daily devotions workbook.

It’s a 5-week Bible study covering the areas of Homemaking, Marriage, Motherhood, Prioritizing Faith, and Biblical Self Care.

Then we used our combined 50 years of experience as Christian moms to break down these verses to spur on real heart change for our readers.

Inside: Heart Change for Homemakers Devotional for Moms

Each day consists of scripture about one of the 5 categories. There are also stories and examples of real life application, a journaling section for reflection, and a challenge to help you live out these verses and start thriving in your role and everything that comes with it!

You can complete this study alone, or maybe with a couple of friends or even a women’s group!

Heart Change for Homemakers devotional makes a great womens group study

A Great Devotional for Moms in Different Seasons

This Bible study workbook is directed at moms who want to understand their Biblical role better.

What does God say about being a wife or a mom? What does He say about self care? Does it look the same as what we are told in society today?

As moms we go through many seasons. We go from having little ones who rely on us for everything to having toddlers who are so busy and curious about the world.

Then we start school and activities, which brings on a whole new season of life. And then our children become more independent and busy with interests outside our home.

Each season is beautiful in its own way, but requires adjustment and learning.

We wrote Heart Change for the many seasons of motherhood but also for the many roles we take on as women.

It’s impossible to do them all perfectly, but we can try our best to focus on what God’s word says about these roles and how we can make the most of the years we have with children at home.

Transitioning through the seasons can be challenging, but God’s word remains the same.

Heart Change for Homemakers devotional, open on a table with a cup of coffee and an open bible

We can find wisdom in what The Bible says about a woman’s role and rely on Him for the direction and peace we need.

Perfect Christian Devotional for New Moms

If you’re a new mom, then this is the perfect stage of life to read Heart Change for Homemakers. This Mom Devotional will encourage you in your new role as you learn how to care for a baby, grow a family, take care of your home, while prioritizing your faith and well-being.

Yes, there’s a lot to juggle, but when we look to God’s word for direction in these roles we can see clearly what He wants us to focus on.

When we chat with other moms it’s amazing how similar our stories and daily lives look. We all seem to struggle with the same challenges when raising kids and taking care of a home.

It’s so important to learn from moms who have gone before you, and to use their wisdom to make your home life easier.

We’d love to come alongside you as you begin such an amazing time of life as a mother.

You can easily read through our book, Heart Change for Homemakers, in your quiet time. The daily devotions are quick and encouraging to help you focus your heart on God throughout your day.

You can also sign up for our email list to receive our new blog posts and resources as we publish them!

It would be an honor if you’d join us as you embark on this beautiful new journey!

What Others are Saying about this Devo for Moms

Women of all ages and stages are reading and loving this devotional!

Customer Review for Heart Change for Homemakers devotional book by Just Homemaking:

Five stars. Such a great devotional! I absolutely loved this devotional. I recommend it to homemakers and women who work outside of the home too. It is a book you can relate to.
Each chapter and daily reading is a great reminder that the little stuff matters and to take everything to God big or small. The day to day things can be frustrating but we can keep moving forward and see things differently when we pray on it.
There are many great things in this book. I highly recommend it!
-Stacy Lennen

Expressed gratitude seems to indicate that the devotional was just what was needed!

Customer Review for Heart Change for Homemakers devotional book by Just Homemaking:

Five stars. Thank you! Thought provoking, inspiring, encouraging and puts God's word into perspective for my daily life!
Thank you for igniting a flame to pray differently and respond differently to the tasks I face daily.
-Jen Jones

Readers can’t wait to share with others!

Customer Review for Heart Change for Homemakers devotional book by Just Homemaking:

Five stars. Inspiring devotional!

I love this devotional.
I really like the actionable challenges and the reflective questions at the end of each day. I love having spiritual cards that I can place around my home and carry with me.
This devotional is for all women who are looking for spiritual guidance in all the topics or just a few.
I can't wait to share this with my small group and other women!
-Ra'Nelle Hartless

And they even want to reread it!

Customer Review for Heart Change for Homemakers devotional book by Just Homemaking:

Five stars. Great devotional for homemakers!
I love this devotional! It encourages homemakers to see their work as the amazing ministry that it is.
There are 5 weeks of devotions (7 days each week). Each devotional is packed with practical, biblically sound encouragement (and often humor).
The book is written by three homemakers who are very transparent in sharing their own real life experiences that other homemakers (whether full time or working out of the home) are sure to relate to.
I highly recommend this book! I'm looking forward to reading thru this again (and again)!
-Debbie from Tothood 101

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Begin a heart change that comes from God’s word. Transform your heart and mind to focus on things above rather than what this world tells us is important.

Focus instead on growing your understanding of God’s word and finding peace in Him.

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Sample Heart Change devotional for homemakers - mom devotional

We pray that you are blessed by our Mom devotional and that it’ll impart true heart change in the many roles you have in life.

A Devotional for Moms


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