10 Must-Make Fall Recipes

Recipes for Fall Snacks, Dinners, and of course Desserts! Every woman I know loves fall for one reason or another! It’s a fresh start sending our kids off to school. The weather cools off and we get to bring out our sweaters and jeans. We are excited to cheer on our favorite NFL team (Go Bears!). The trees turn shades of red, yellow, and orange. And best of all, the season has come when we get to bake our favorite pumpkin treats! In order to get in the Fall spirit, I’d love to share some Fall Recipes to get you prepped for the cool weather! Apple Crisp We can’t get …

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Back to School, What Now for Homemakers?

School supplies

4 Homemakers, 4 Questions, 4 Answers: The Homemakers Guide to getting our lives organized after our kids head Back to School We’re excited to share our first Collaborative Article with you! There are four Homemakers who write regularly for Just Homemaking, and we thought it would be fun to talk about our to-do lists and how we get our home lives organized after our kids go back to school. Maybe you can borrow some inspiration or share something you hope to accomplish in the coming month that’s not on our list! Question Time! Projects 1. What is the #1 thing you want to tackle when your kids start school? Jenna: …

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Joy through Grief

My Story of Loss Life gets really hard. We all have gone through or will go through emotional valleys as the years go by. Where our mind ends up at the end of the valley will direct our paths into the future. My mom was diagnosed with leukemia about ten years ago. This started the most challenging years of my life. My mom was the type of mom everyone around her aspired to be like. She was so wonderful, fun loving, always serving her family, drove all over the country to be at every event, and welcomed any person into her home that walked through the door. My mom is …

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Modern Homemaking

Feeling unprepared for being a Homemaker? It is a huge transition from life as an independent woman to modern homemaking with little ones!