Prioritizing Your Marriage

Essentials for Prioritizing Your Marriage It’s a very difficult thing to do. Prioritizing your marriage can easily get lost in the shuffle of kids, jobs, and activities. Keeping my husband at the forefront of my mind has to be something I think about and pray for each day. Kids bring us closer together because we’ve built a family together, by a miracle from God. But kids also can pull us apart if we choose to prioritize what the kids want over what our spouse wants and needs. So often our kids’ needs are right in our face…ALL DAY. They let us know with whines and questions and lots of words. …

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Joy through Grief

My Story of Loss Life gets really hard. We all have gone through or will go through emotional valleys as the years go by. Where our mind ends up at the end of the valley will direct our paths into the future. My mom was diagnosed with leukemia about ten years ago. This started the most challenging years of my life. My mom was the type of mom everyone around her aspired to be like. She was so wonderful, fun loving, always serving her family, drove all over the country to be at every event, and welcomed any person into her home that walked through the door. My mom is …

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Modern Homemaking

Feeling unprepared for being a Homemaker? It is a huge transition from life as an independent woman to modern homemaking with little ones!