Meal Planning System: An Absolute Game Changer for Busy Moms

A peek inside: Are you searching for a simple way to plan and shop for meals? Meal planning for homemakers doesn’t have to be hard. Our done-for-you meal planning system will completely streamline the process. Keep reading to hear how this great tool will make meal planning for moms (or anyone, really) a breeze!

Without a doubt, meal planning for a family is one of the biggest tasks of a homemaker. There is a reason it’s so nice to grab carry out or go out to eat. 

People can order what they want and don’t have to take the time to plan, shop for groceries, prep the meal, and do all the clean up that goes along with it. 

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Meal Planning for Busy Moms is Stressful

The Solution: This Meal Planning System

Where to Buy this Meal Planning System

Enjoy Flexible Options: Meal Planner Template Google Sheets + PDF

Meal Planning for Busy Moms is Stressful, Right?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what your family is eating for the week. 

Maybe you think you are ahead of the game until you find that the kids finished off the last bit of that sour cream without you noticing, so that means another trip to the store just so you can finish making that casserole.

Woman silent screaming in the kitchen because meal planning for busy moms is stressful

Several stores offer online shopping and curbside pickup, which definitely helps save some time when it comes to physically shopping.

Unfortunately those nice people that set your groceries in the car don’t climb in to help unload and prepare the food.

They definitely aren’t helping clean up after your toddler dumps his entire plate on the floor. 

The task of meal planning can be overwhelming when you are already trying to juggle baking cookies for the band fundraiser, picking up kids from practice, and trying to get that model of an atom finished up on time. 

No worries, we can help. 

Meal planning for busy moms doesn’t have to raise our cortisol level. It can be a great ministry for your family and with the right tool, planning meals can be a breeze.

The Solution: This Meal Planning System

At Just Homemaking, we want to help you thrive as a homemaker. Our meal planning system will help you do just that.

complete meal planning system

The benefits of using this meal planning system as opposed to other systems is that it truly does make meal planning more simple.

It helps you to streamline the process and once you are familiar with the layout and how to utilize the system (which we will show you in just a minute) you are going to zip right through your planning. 

Our meal planning system will save you time, which we all know is a hot commodity as a homemaker!

It will save you time because you will have all of your info in one place and you won’t have shopping lists left behind sitting on the counter. 

It will also save you time because it has sections such as pantry staples that help you to check to see if you are almost out of ketchup before you find an empty bottle in the fridge without another one to replace it. I know I have been there!

Another benefit of using this meal planning system is that you can customize it to your family.

In my opinion, this is one of the best perks of the entire system! 

No two families eat the same meals, have the same schedule, or have the same budget.

This meal planning system is divided into different sections to help you stay organized. You can plan meals monthly, weekly, or daily.

If you plan for a month in advance, that’s great! You can do that. 

It also breaks down meals weekly and daily. If you want to be thorough and plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day of the week, you have that opportunity.

There is also a spot to fill in snacks and desserts. It saves so much brain space having all the sections you need to think about in one place. 

This meal planning system truly is a game changer. 

>>> Watch this video to see how easy it is to use!

I touched on this a bit earlier, but it is so helpful to have your weekly shopping lists available to add to or edit as you plan your week.

It’s also incredibly easy to just copy and paste your ingredients right into your list as you are planning.

Of course, there are those regular food purchases that we love to buy but don’t always remember. Milk, lunch meat, yogurt. There is a place for those as well.

Finally, we help you to remember those regular household items. I cannot tell you how many times I recently forgot to grab the dishwasher soap. It was ridiculous! Nobody has time for that!

Where to buy this awesome Meal Planning System

Now that you know the benefits of this meal planning system and you have seen our tutorial about how easy it is to use, we want to tell you about the 2 different ways you can purchase it.

>>> 1. You can purchase the Just Homemaking Meal Planning System as an individual product.

Maybe that’s the holy grail you have been searching for that led you to this page. We have you covered. You can purchase this system by clicking here and get yourself started and organized in your meal planning today.

The Meal planning system from Just Homemaking includes a spreadsheet and a PDF that you can print or use digitally on your phone, tablet, and computer.

— OR —

Maybe you are looking for more than just a planner. 

I would love to tell you about our homemaking course, Renew Your Homemaking, because…

<<< 2. You can purchase the Renew Your Homemaking Course, which INCLUDES this Meal Planning System.

Just Homemaking's Christian Homemaking Course, called Renew Your Homemaking

 We, the Just Homemaking Team, sat down and took a close look at what we wished we had available to us when we were just beginning our homemaking journey. 

We looked at meal planning, routines, and finances and how we can help others be successful in those areas. 

We looked at our hearts towards the ministry of homemaking and how having our heart in the right spot will help us to thrive in our homemaking. 

We took our years of homemaking experience and poured our hearts into this course for homemakers, Renew Your Homemaking. Our prayer is that this course will help you thrive and love your job as a homemaker. 

Our meal planning system is just one of the many resources you will find included in our Homemaking Course.

>>> So, if you ONLY need to focus on meal planning, then snag this meal planning system. If you need help in more areas, grab the homemaking course, which includes the meal planner and so much more!

Whether you decide to purchase the Meal Planning System or the Renew Your Homemaking Course, I would love to tell you about the options you have to use and edit your meal planning system.

Enjoy Flexible Options: Meal Planner Template Google Sheets + PDF

The meal planning system comes with several flexible options for use. No matter how you stay organized, we have you covered.

If you enjoy seeing all your information on a spreadsheet, we have that available. Make sure that you have a free google account (if you don’t already) so that you can access and edit your meal planner system through Google Sheets.

Meal Planner Template for Google Sheets

If you prefer to hold a paper and pen, we have you covered as well. You have the option of printing your Meal Planner System as a PDF that you can either write on or laminate and write on with a dry erase marker. 

Meal Planning System PDF printable

Finally, if you’re a little more digital and like the ease of viewing and editing a digital PDF on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can do that as well.

Meal Planning System digital PDF

When purchasing the Meal Planning System, you will have access to all three of these options. You can use whichever one works best for you, or a combination of the three!

If you watch the video earlier in this post, you’ll see how easy it is to use each option.

Meal Planning for Homemakers is Manageable! Get yours today!

If you have any questions about this Meal Planning System, please let us know and we will get right back to you.

For the price of one person going out to eat ONE time you could get the Meal Planning System to stay organized in all your meal planning for your entire family for years to come. 

If you would love to keep all your meal planning in one place and save money by making less trips to the store, we would love for you to try Just Homemaking’s Meal Planning System. If you do, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Meal Planning for Busy Moms


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