How Being a Homemaker Blesses My Marriage

A peek inside this post: Have you ever sat and asked yourself “how being a homemaker blesses my marriage?” I had no idea how much of an impact being a homemaker would have on my relationship with my husband. After giving it much thought on my own, I asked my husband what he likes about being married to a homemaker and I absolutely loved hearing his answers.  

When we decided I would be a full time homemaker I didn’t realize our marriage would reap the benefits. I knew there were great benefits for my children and my family as a whole, but I had no idea how it would make our marriage grow as well.

In preparing for this post I asked my husband of almost 18 years how being a homemaker blesses our marriage. He spent some time thinking about it and came back to me with a piece of paper and the list below. 

Our goal and focus of Just Homemaking is to encourage our readers in their roles of wife, mom, and homemaker. Sometimes it’s hard to intentionally stop and think about those roles and the impact we are making in our relationships.

When we pause to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go as husband and wife, parent and child, it opens opportunities for growth.  

Without further delay, here are the reasons my husband loves that I am a homemaker.

Being married to a homemaker PIN

10 Reasons My Husband Loves That I’m a Homemaker

1| He knows the kids are always taken care of.

We always have an adult available to take care of the kids. School breaks, sickness, quarantining, remote school, whatever. The kids always have a parent home to be available as needed.

This week, one of our kids was in close contact with somebody with Covid. I received a call from his school in the middle of the day and was able to go and pick him up without my husband needing to reschedule any part of his work day.

2| I am very in-tune with what the kids need.

Being home, even with all our boys in school, provides an opportunity for me to plan out family schedules and see what things may be difficult and need extra attention at home throughout the week.

Melissa's boys

It might be nice to pack that sandwich for our high schooler because he has a really long day.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are much later bedtimes for our youngest. How can we work through those days following little rest?

One of our sons woke up frustrated today because of state testing.

Being aware of those little details about their days help me to love them better.

3| We have a flexible schedule.

When planning outings, trips, or even just going over our week, it makes a huge difference to know that the majority of the time I can get kids off the bus, pick them up from practice, and be available in the evenings when my husband is unavailable.

Today, one of our sons is doing school remotely because he was exposed to Covid at school. I can print those extra papers out. Help get snacks and lunch ready.

Mom holding a bowl while her son eats from it

This pandemic has taught us to appreciate having a consistent parent at home for our boys each day because you never know what the next day will bring.

When the boys were remote learning, we were able to take a couple overnight trips. We took them somewhere new and they did their school work remotely and visited new places together when work was complete.

4| The house is always clean.

Please note: our house does get cluttered and messy at times. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do.

However, I do my best most days to have things in their place, counters in the kitchen clear, floors swept of dog hair.

A clean house helps me stay more at peace. It also helps the rest of the family know where to find what they need. It helps our puppy stay out of mischief, too when things are not laying around for her to get into. Need some Motivation for Cleaning House?

My husband would never say he wishes something were cleaner, if he really wanted something cleaned up, he would just go and do it himself. Having things clean and organized blesses our marriage because it means more time together when he is home and I love that oh so much!

5| Supplies are in stock. 

Toothpaste. Shampoo. Garbage bags. Paper towels. Groceries for school lunches. Soap to run the dishwasher. Cat food.

I try my best to have what we need on hand to meet our family’s needs. Obviously, there are times I forget and we have to make due with what we have, but that’s a great lesson in itself for our whole family.

homemaker preparing food

6| He gets to see me every time he comes home for lunch.

I am so thankful that my husband comes home (most days) for lunch. He isn’t here very long, but seeing him face to face and being able to check in with each other midday is so fun.

Sometimes we are able to take a lunch date, which always boosts our connection in our marriage. We had a milder winter day this week so we ate quickly and took our puppy for a walk during his lunch break. It was great for all 3 of us!

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Staying connected in our marriage makes a huge difference in our home environment. It provides more opportunity to talk through kid behavior and be united on how we handle problems when they arise. It also helps our kids see that mom and dad are a team and make decisions together.

7| I get to focus nearly all my attention on our family.

Most of my days are spent serving my family. Yes, I am serving and leading in other areas, but the bulk of my time is spent serving my family. I love it so much.

Our oldest just turned 15 years old. You don’t have to tell me that time goes fast. I am fully aware.

I was thankful for my husband’s thoughts and enjoyed hearing why he is blessed being married to a homemaker. I also wanted to add a few of my own reasons how being a homemaker blesses my marriage:

8| I’m not constantly stressed out.

Having the opportunity to be a homemaker with our kids in school has been a gift to me and my family.

It has also provided an opportunity for me to grow individually. I have had more time to read and serve which has resulted in growth in my life personally. Honestly, it has helped me to mature and think more outside of myself.

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When I worked full time after having our oldest, and even when I went down to part time, I had such a yearning to be home and care for my family. I was so stressed about being away and often gave them my left overs.

Being a homemaker blesses my marriage in so many little ways. I know if I stay up later hanging out with my husband, I’m not going to be a complete zombie at work the next day.

I’m not stressing about who is going to stay home when somebody has to quarantine. I can organize and declutter.

Those things contribute to my well being, which makes me a happier wife and mom.

9| I can get (or order) all the random things our family needs during school/work hours.

I touched on this a little bit in his reason #5. This is huge for me.

I still do our shopping in the store for groceries. Partly because it seems to save a little money on grocery prices but also it helps in planning out meals.

Planning around sales is more economical for us, which is a great win! There are some places I know I can get things more affordably, but it just means an extra stop or placing an order online. (Need help in this area? Read How to be Frugal With Groceries!)

All of those things take up moments of my day, but the return of spending less and getting what we need (from the grocery store or second hand stores) serves our family well.

10| I am able to parent from a better place and be a better wife.

I am so thankful for the slower pace I have had the past couple years. I have been able to sit in silence and really think about things and challenge myself to grow in ways that God has led me to change.

Not that I am done doing that!

Husband with Homemaker

I am able to check in with my husband a couple times throughout the day, just so I know what his day has been like when he comes through the door. 

There’s a  phrase, “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” I tell my husband often, “I know what I have” and being a full time homemaker has allowed me to appreciate him in so many more ways.

How he is always serving others at church. So much of it is behind the scenes.

Seeing him hang out with his boys.

Taking care of pet responsibilities.

Earning an income for our family of 5.

I could go on, but I’ll just say…

I’m So Glad He Loves Being Married to a Homemaker

Being a homemaker is a great balance for both of us. He appreciates all I do for our family and I am so thankful for the opportunity to bless my husband through the ministry of homemaking! Do you want to be intentional in your marriage too? You might like our Devotions for Wives!

How being a Homemaker Blesses My Marriage: Final Thoughts

If you haven’t done it lately, I would love to encourage you to ask your husband what he likes about being married to a homemaker.

I am sure it would provide some great encouragement and a wonderful time of connection for you in your marriage. Share your favorite points on your husband’s list in the comments!

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How Being a Homemaker Blesses My Marriage


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