Family Workouts

Fun Family Workout Ideas

Looking for a simple and fun way to get your kids moving while stuck inside? Whether it’s raining, too cold or hot outside, or you’re quarantined, you can use these Family Workout Plans to release some energy!

As a mom of four, I can see the direct impact that physical activity can have on improving a child’s mood. When they release some of that energy by getting their heart rate up, their brains function better and everyone gets along better!

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the exercises, you can easily look them up or choose another exercise that you’re comfortable with.

3 Family Workouts

Cardio Workout
Each exercise for 30 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Repeat 2-3 Times

-Side to side shuffle – slide
-Jumping jacks
-Mountain climbers
-Run in place
-Arm circles
-Sit ups

Burpee Workout

-10 Burpees
-Balance on right foot 10 seconds
-Rest 20 seconds

-10 Burpees
-Balance on left foot 10 seconds
-Rest 20 seconds

-10 Burpees
-Standing-Touch your toes 10 seconds
-Rest 20 seconds

Animal Workout
Each exercise for 30 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Repeat 2-3 times

-Bear crawl (5 steps forward, 5 back)
-Snake slither (aka – army crawls)
-Crab walk
-Frog jumps
-Downward dog

Get a Family Workout Done!

I promise, it’ll be worth it! Gather your kids and spouse and get your heart rates up. Encourage each other or make it a competition. You can easily make up your own Family Workouts, too!

It’s especially important to keep your bodies moving while you’re stuck inside. If you’d rather do a video workout so you have an instructor, check out these Youtube Family Workouts.

Whatever you do, make sure that you’re having fun as a family.

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