Printable Easter Games: Eggstra Fun for Everyone

A peek inside this post: Looking for some printable Easter games to make the holiday more fun? This combo pack of Easter Scattergories and Easter Bingo are super easy to print and use!

Are you on the HUNT for some printable Easter games? You HOPPED onto the right post! Easter Bingo will be great for most ages, and our Easter Scattergories can accommodate a group of any size!

These done-for-you solutions are ready for you to print and use immediately.

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Easter Bingo

Easter Scattergories

How to get your printable Easter games

Easter Bingo 

printable easter games: Easter Bingo cards

This Easter Bingo PDF contains 10 unique game cards, meaning up to 10 people can play. (For larger groups, players could work in pairs.)

This set also comes with Draw Pile cards.

Directions for Easter Bingo

1| Print Game Cards and Draw Pile sheets. Card stock is recommended.

2| Cut out Game Cards and give one to each player.

3| Cut out Draw Pile cards and put them in a pile, face down.

4| Draw a card from the Draw Pile and have players mark the corresponding image on their Game Card.

5| Continue play until a player gets a BINGO by getting 5 images marked in a row on their card (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally).

NOTE: This Bingo game does have a mix of secular and Christian/religious themes. For example, you’ll see things like a Cross, a crown of thorns, and an empty tomb, as well as things like a bunny, an Easter egg, and a flower. You can use these Easter Bingo cards for Sunday school or at home for family gatherings.

Easter Scattergories Lists

printable Easter games: Easter scattergories lists

Our Easter Scattergories game is fantastic for groups of any size. This set comes with lists for a four-round game, and you can print as many as you need to accommodate your group size.

Directions for Easter Scattergories

1| Print the 4 Scattergories sheets multiplied by number of players.

2| For each round, choose a letter. Each answer on that round’s list must start with that letter. (If you don’t want to choose a letter, then use either HUNT, HOPS, or LAMB and just play one letter per round. Example: Round 1 is H, Round 2 is U, Round 3 is N, Round 4 is T.)

3| Set a timer for 3 minutes. Players fill in their answers privately.

4| When the timer ends, players share their answers, earning a point for each question answered. If two players have the same answer for a prompt, they cancel each other out and don’t earn a point on that item.

5| Total points at the end of each round. Player with the most points at the end of 4 rounds wins.

NOTE: Again, this game has a mix of secular and Christian/religious themes. You’ll see prompts like “Things found at The Last Supper” and “Something to give up for Lent”, as well as “A good name for The Easter Bunny” and “Things in an Easter basket”. This would be a great game for youth group or an Easter gathering with your friends/family.

How to get your printable Easter games

printable easter games

Both Easter Bingo and Easter Scattergories are included in this bundle, which you can purchase here.

Game directions are included, so you’ll know just what to do! You’ll be able to print these fun games year after year.

Hoppy Easter!

Printable Easter Games


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