Beddy’s Zipper Bedding Review for Moms

What’s inside: Interested in Beddy’s zipper bedding but not sure if it’s worth the price? Here, you’ll find an honest review of this high quality kids bedding so you can figure out if it’s right for your child’s needs. What would I recommend it for? Read below to find out!

Are you in need of new bedding for your child and intrigued by Beddy’s zippered bedding? I’ll be honest, the Beddy’s Sets are a bit pricey. I have noticed and been intrigued by them for a few years. But having 4 kids, I didn’t want to jump in and pay the $200-300ish price tags for each of their bed sets.

So I recently reached out to Beddy’s to see if I could try out their product in exchange for a review. I was thrilled when they said “Yes!” #gifted

Now I’m here to help you decide if this high quality kids bedding is worth it for you.

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What is Beddy’s?

  • Zipper bedding for easy bed making (more on that below)
  • High quality kids bedding
  • Durable, made to last
  • Beautiful and timeless
  • Set includes all pieces to completely dress your bed

When my package arrived, I think my daughters were more excited than even I was to open it and see what came.

I ordered one of my girls the Twin-sized Monroe Luxe Set with a Minky inside. It is a creamy white sheet and comforter set with a tan “X” embroidery pattern throughout. It’s beautifully neutral, so that it could match almost any girls’ bedroom. The inside sheet has tan stripes on the creamy white background, and the soft minky inside is also the same creamy white with raised dots.

Here’s a look…

Close look at Beddy's Monroe Luxe zipper beding

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Beddy’s high quality kids bedding sets include all the pieces you need to completely dress your child’s bed. Beddy’s is a patented design and you will not find anything like it on the market.

Each zipper bedding set is all in one piece. Your Beddy’s includes your sheet, blanket, comforter, and matching pillowcase and sham. And they all go on your bed like a fitted sheet!

Here’s how easy it was to make her bed:

The main sheet/blanket/comforter is one piece, and zips together for easy bed-making.

For my Monroe Luxe Beddy’s set, the pillowcase and sham are the most perfect addition to complete the beauty of the design.

What is Zipper Bedding?

A huge factor that sets Beddy’s apart from other sheets and comforters is how easily you can make the bed. Beddy’s sheets and comforter are held together by a high quality, durable zipper.

High quality Zipper for easy bed-making

Here’s the description of the zippered bedding from their site:

“Beddy’s is a revolutionary bedding product that allows you to zip your bed! Kids and adults love building good habits and starting each day with a tidy bed. Plus, they work perfectly in tight spaces like Bunk Beds, RVs, and corner beds. Our patented comfort panels extend so you never feel the zipper and you stay cozy. Our all-in-one piece bedding comes in 100% cotton or comfy minky. Make your bed, make your day!”

My daughter has found it incredibly convenient to zip her bed each morning. It only takes seconds to make the bed, which helps her keep her room tidy throughout each day.

High quality kids bedding by Beddy's: Monroe Luxe look

Zippered Sheets for Bunk Beds

If you’re specifically looking for simple to use zippered sheets for bunk beds, Beddy’s is a great option. They work so well for tight spaces like bunk beds, that are usually very hard to get to.

Another problem I’ve had with making a bunk bed is that the comforter never fits perfectly within the rails of the top bunk. With Beddy’s, it’s all one piece and goes on like a fitted sheet, so it’s a perfect size for that top bunk!

It drives me crazy when our traditional comforter is hanging over the sides of the bunk, but my kids love having large blankets to keep them warm all night.

With Beddy’s, they can zip themselves into the top bunk bed, ensuring that they stay covered but also having an easy to make bed. It makes the room look so tidy.

Fitted Bedding for Motorhomes

I have a 28 foot motorhome that is currently in winter storage. I can’t wait to try out Beddy’s fitted bedding for camping this summer!

The Beddy’s zippered bedding seems like it would save valuable space in our motorhome. I hate it when their bedding falls on the floor and we have nowhere to step. It would definitely help the kids keep their spaces orderly, which is SO important while camping.

I might just have to take Beddy’s into the motorhome this summer and give you a more thorough review of this. It is a bit pricey, though, so we’ll see if it’s in the budget.

Is Beddy’s Bedding Worth It?

My daughter has now used the Beddy’s high quality kids bedding for a month. I asked her for her honest opinion about the comfort, quality, and ease of use, and she gave it a resounding great review!

She fell in love with the beauty and simplicity right when we put it on her bed. Now, she makes her bed everyday because it takes only seconds.

My daughter's beddy's zipper bedding

She is 13 and has some big opinions about style, and was so thrilled to show off her new bed set to her friends. It really is a unique concept that she’s proud to tell her friends about.

She loves the Monroe Luxe design for its neutral, fresh look.

Now, Beddy’s sets are still quite pricey. Would I purchase more for my other 3 kids?

I think it’s worth the price if you choose a Beddy’s set that will last your child at least a few years.

In my home, we often buy new sheets and blankets because kid’s styles change or they wear out. So if you’re looking to buy a higher quality set to last longer, Beddy’s will be a great option for a child.

A Beddy’s set is more of an investment piece when you’re on a budget.

You will want to make sure it’s a style that they’ll get years of use out of. If you purchase a timeless Beddy’s set for your son or daughter, I believe it would last for at least 5 years and would greatly improve the ease of keeping their room clean.

Beddy’s Coupon Code

Make sure to use our Beddy’s Coupon Code: “JUSTHOMEMAKING” to get 15% off sitewide!

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding


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