The Thief of Joy

Learn how to get out of the comparison trap and find peace from God. Read these 3 questions to ask yourself when combating the thief of joy.

4 Tips to Support a Teenager Struggling with Faith

teen boy

Is your child struggling with faith? This is a hard topic, even for adults, because when struggling with faith, it can be difficult to remember God’s promises and all the time’s He’s come through before. If your teenager is struggling with faith, read these tips and help support them during their faith crisis!

To the Christian Mom with a Difficult Child: Ditto.

Are you a Christian Mom in a hard season, raising a challenging child? Days can be long and parenting can be extra tough when YOU are the mom with a difficult child. But I have to say: To the mom with a difficult child, you. are. not. alone. Read this post for encouragement as you navigate some of the hard parts of your journey.

Everything You Need for a Christian Family Mission Statement

woman writing her family mission statement

Creating a family mission statement is an important step in determining your values and making decisions that support those values. Read our Christian family mission statement examples, and learn how to craft your own using our family mission statement pdf!

5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude: a Thanksgiving Devotion for Women (with printable!)

Printable Thanksgiving Devotion for Women "5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude"

Fill your heart with gratitude with the help of our Thanksgiving devotion for women! This 5 day series comes in a convenient PDF with 19 pages of printable Thanksgiving devotions. Each day has an honest, real-life story (which makes it the perfect Thanksgiving devotion for moms), scripture for biblical truth, and space to write and reflect. Come on, Mama, let’s grow an attitude of gratitude together!

A Quick Devotion on Selflessness for Homemakers

Mom holding a bowl while her son eats from it

A peek inside this post: With all her roles and responsibilities, the selfless love of a homemaker is remarkable. It’s easy to feel overlooked or unseen. Read this quick devotion on selflessness for homemakers and be encouraged by Jesus’ example.