8 Practical Tips for Building a Strong Christian Family

Mom with kids building a strong Christian family

Are you wondering how to build a Christian family? As Christian Moms, raising kids with strong faith in Jesus is our ultimate goal, and it’s our responsibility to disciple our children! Read these practical tips for building a strong Christian family who honors God.

New Year Spiritual Goals for Christian Women (instead of Resolutions)

4 people on a beach at dark writing 2022 in the air with sparklers

What are your spiritual goals for the new year? Maybe you’re even wondering how to set spiritual goals. These are not your average resolutions! This post walks you through the importance of being a people with a vision, asking God what that vision is, and then using His wisdom and the passion He’s placed within you to set New Year spiritual goals that bring you closer to Him and His purpose for you!

Called to Freedom: A Veterans Day Devotion

Called to Freedom Veterans Day Devotion

Looking for a Veterans Day devotion? Try our printable devotion for Veterans Day, entitled “Called to Freedom”. This post does a great job of honoring our military members while focusing on our true freedom– that which was won by Christ, through His sacrifice.

Best Christian Podcasts for Moms With A Busy Schedule

Microphone for Podcasts for Christian Moms

Are you a mom looking for a podcast that will help you grow in your faith? Or just an opportunity to laugh and feel more connected to other moms on the same journey? I have done some research to find the best Christian Mom Podcasts to help you nurture and develop yourself – while keeping the household running! Read on to see the 8 Best Christian podcasts for moms that I have found.

Christian Hospitality Ideas and WHY It’s So Important

Christian hospitality

Need tips for being a hospitable homemaker? Try these Christian Hospitality ideas. You’ll learn exactly what is Christian Hospitality, and we have some bible scriptures on hospitality to help guide you. Open your home and start practicing biblical hospitality today!