5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude | Day 4

Thanksgiving Devotional: Day 4 If you missed any of the first 3 Days:Day 1Day 2Day 3 We have two cats, Daisy and Ozzy. They are 5 ½ and soon to be 6 years old, respectively. I’m not sure, but I think a lot of cats are similar in nature in that they always think they are starving. They are hungry for more even as they begin to eat their full dish. Our cat, Ozzy, takes his food pretty seriously. He was a bit overweight and also had some health issues so we changed what and how much he was eating. He handled the change in food very well. So well …

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5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude | Day 3

Thanksgiving Devotional: Day 3 If you missed any of the first 2 Days:Day 1Day 2 “Mom, guess how many rounds I won on MarioKart!” “Guess how many shots I just made in a row!” “Guess how many times the cats tried to get me to feed them today!” I have to be honest, I feel my heart skip a beat every time a sentence starts with, “Mom, guess…” I don’t mind guessing once or twice, but it never stops there. The kids get more excited every time I get it wrong. “Try again.” “Not right.” “Try again.” “More.” “No.” “Less.” “Just guess.” It inevitably ends in me saying, “Please, just …

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project Sign & Info What does Halloween look like for your family? How great would it be if when we post Halloween pictures on Facebook or Instagram this year we hashtag it with the number of times somebody got mad or sad, the number of attempts it took to get this picture, and the number of times you said “no more candy?”  #2meltdowns #12pictureattempts #409requestsforcandy Halloween is so funny to me sometimes. So much back and forth about what you want to dress up as, ways to adapt the costume if it happens to be freezing cold, and counting down the days until they get to go up to …

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Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget

Menu Planning on a Tight Budget for a Family Have you ever found yourself at the grocery store staring at the meat and asking yourself why it has to be so dang expensive? Then you need to read these great Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget. Do you try and plan meals while shopping but they get lost or forgotten between the time you check out and your next grocery trip? If this is you, you are not alone, and I have a few tips that have helped us over the past couple years to save money and plan meals. I’ve shared some helpful tips for planning meals on …

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The Beans of Our Lives

Choosing to be Intentional with the Time We have with our Kids Last year my husband and I decided to make bean jars for our three boys after talking about doing it for a few months. Our goal is to be aware of the time we have with our kids. This will help us be intentional with the choices we make. A bean jar for each child represents the amount of weeks they have left until they graduate high school— each bean equals one week of their life. I found some mason jars from a thrift store or garage sale, and we counted out the beans for each of our …

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Roadside Opportunities

If you know our family well, you know that we like to be thrifty. Frugal, some may call it. Cheap, others may say. Resourceful and creative is how we like to look at it. Over the years, we have had several roadside opportunities. What are those? Those are treasures we have found that might serve our family purpose in some way. There are a few reasons we have started to collect stuff we see on the road. 4 Reasons to Find Roadside Treasures 1. It’s so fun! We like to find a good treasure. We love the thrill of spotting something that might serve our family. This past summer, we …

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Healthy Snacks: Lara Balls and Banana Bites

Lara balls

Chocolate Lara Balls We have three growing boys who eat like they are getting paid for it. Our youngest son loves to eat so much that we sometimes have to tell him “you’re gonna be full after that.” Not because we are trying to be mean or watch his weight but because he gets stomach trouble after eating too much at one time (even with his “special diet” and taking enzymes when he eats). Sometimes it’s hard to know what to make to feed the crew. Over the years we have tried lots of recipes, several of which were complete flops. Today, I thought I would share a couple simple …

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Trusting God’s Plan in your Parenting

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen images portraying what people imagine motherhood to be like, including a mom and young children dressed very “proper” and laughing at what clearly must have been the best joke since the original “Knock knock.” They are just loving life. All is well. There is always a second picture below it with the caption “what parenting really looks like.” It usually includes a battle between a T-rex, an exhausted mother who can barely keep her eyes open, sitting between mounds of laundry, and a child or three sitting on her lap crying at the top of his lungs. We have three kids …

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