How To Practice Family Sabbath

Dad, Mom, and kids holding hands having a Family Sabbath

Do you and your family need a break? Rather than wishing for things to slow down, how about we carve out some time intentionally by celebrating the sabbath as a family? A family sabbath, or family rest day, will allow your people to recharge their soul and spirit.

Easy Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinners

Gf Df Recipes

Are you looking for easy gluten free dairy free dinners your entire family can eat? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut making the same few meals over and over? In this post you will find several simple gf df dinner ideas that families with food allergies will absolutely love, as well as some of our favorite gluten and dairy free products!

Thanksgiving Devotion For Kids (with printable!)

Thankful Turkeys printable Thanksgiving devotion for kids

Turkey and all the fixings are great, but let’s make the day mean a little bit more with family devotions for Thanksgiving. This kids Thanksgiving devotional will cover the history of the holiday with thoughtful questions and activities.

Best Friend Moving Away Letter

Best friends chatting and laughing

Do you have a best friend who is moving away? You may be wondering how to say goodbye to your best friend. Even though it was a true “See ya later”, saying goodbye to my best friend was still one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Writing a best friend moving away letter has definitely helped me sort out my feelings. I hope it helps you with yours, too! Maybe you’ll be inspired to write your own goodbye letter to your friend who’s moving away.

Effortless Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Married couple holding hands having a date night

Are you looking for simple dating ideas for married couples? Do you long to connect with your spouse? Maybe it’s been months since you intentionally spent time together. No kids. Just the two of you. Here are 11 Dating Ideas for Married Couples.

7 Keys to a Healthy Marriage

holding hands to have a healthy marraige

Are you a newlywed looking for a great marriage foundation? Or maybe your marriage is going through a rough patch and you’d like to invest extra effort. Maybe you’re wondering how to have a healthy marriage? We all go through difficult times, and no marriage is perfect. In order to have a successful marriage, we need a reminder of what’s important and what to focus on. No matter why you’re here, we’d like to bring you the 7 Most Important Keys to a Healthy Marriage.

When Should I Get My Child A Phone?

Are you wondering when to get your child a phone? We have the questions you need to ask, and a printable cell phone contract you can use when you decide it’s the right time.