Free Printables for Spring

Are you ready to freshen up your home for the spring season? Springtime invokes feelings of all things new, and it’s nice to bring that feeling inside your house, too. 

These free printables for spring will invigorate your home with style, making it feel alive with the same buzzing and chirping you might be hearing outside your windows!

And the good news is, aesthetic does not have to be compromised if you’re decorating on a budget– these printables are simple and gorgeous without breaking the bank. Your new decor will look fresh and inspired, and your pocketbook will thank you!

In this post, we’ll go over the reasons to love printable wall art and decor, how to use/display them, and show you several free printables for spring and how to get them!

Get ready to put that “spring” in your step (and home)!

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5 Reasons to Love Free Printables for Spring and More

Using free printables to decorate is kind of a no-brainer for the following reasons:

1| They are more customizable. You can choose to print in whatever sizes will suit your needs and space. Sometimes I’ll print mine in a standard 8×10 to display on my fireplace mantle, while other times I’m making a big 16×20 poster to hang in my entryway. And don’t forget about mini sizes to fill out those 3-tier trays and other small spaces!

2| Not everyone else will have them. You won’t be displaying the same decor that every woman in your neighborhood already has. Your home will look like yours and not another version of theirs. Plus, you’re not limited to what a store has to offer– the options are endless!

3| Printables are so much more affordable. Of course, these printables are free, which means you may only have to pay for some ways to display them (like these frames). But even digital decor that costs a little is still a lot cheaper than buying some of the things that are out there on the store shelves.

4| They make great gifts. You can print a few copies of these spring printables, pop them into some affordable frames, and give them away. They’re great for a quick birthday gift, hostess gift, Mother’s Day, etc. It’s nice to keep some on hand for such an occasion.

5| They are easy to switch out. If you like to change things up or decorate for different seasons/holidays, you won’t have to feel tethered to the same decor items. Simply switch them out for another great printable, easy peasy.

Okay, now that we all agree that there are many reasons to love free printables, let’s get to the goodies that you came for

9 Free Printables for Spring

These stylish prints will make decorating a breeze. You can print them all, or just hand-select your favorites! Whether you want some pops of soft color inspired by the blooms, or something a little simpler and farmhouse-esque, we’ve got you covered!

Floral Prints from Just Homemaking

These first five printables were designed by us here at Just Homemaking, and would be great to display in your home for spring and Easter. They were all designed at a size of 8×10, but could be printed in different sizes, too!

We actually sell these floral prints on Etsy for $3 apiece, but are giving them away for free when you sign up for our email newsletter. You’ll not only be getting your five free printables, but also have first access to new blog posts, tips and tricks, motivating challenges, first looks at new products, and more free goodies from time to time!

You can always unsubscribe (because we aren’t into taking hostages), but if you’d rather not exchange your email address for your free goodie, you can always buy directly from our Etsy Shop. We have a 5-star rating and all our items are super affordable!

>>And don’t miss our other free printables for the seasons: Independence Day Wall Art Printables , Simple Fall Printables: Home Decor for Practically Nothing, and Christmas Wall Decor Printables! You’ll easily be able to switch out your decor for all the seasons!

1| Hello, Spring

This one was so inviting that I had it printed at CVS in a poster-size of 16×20 and hung it up in my entryway! It’ll look great wherever you decide to put it!

2| Bloom

I love the way this one looks in an 8×10 frame next to some pretty flowers!

3| Jesus: Way, Truth, Life

A great reminder for the Easter season. No one gets to the Father except through Him.

4| He is Risen

Yes, He is! I printed this one in a smaller size, 5×7, and set it on my kitchen windowsill.

5| Happy Easter

I think I’ll put this one out with our Easter Dinner! A sweet salutation on the counter next to the ham and deviled eggs.

Farmhouse Prints from A Hundred Affections

I asked Kate if we could include her pretty farmhouse prints for spring in this post, and she said YES! They’re minimalist and lovely, and also FREE!

6| It’s Time to Bloom

I love the mix of the two fonts for this one!

7| Fresh Flowers Market

This one produces a picture in my head of strolling through a farmer’s market, oohing and ahhing over fresh flowers. Who doesn’t want that visual?!

8| He is Risen Indeed

Just adorable.

9| Spring Definition

Kate actually offers this one in a few different versions with a variety of fonts, which is super thoughtful!

Where Will You Put Your New Free Printables for Spring?

Whether you’ve decided to print the lot, or just a few, select favorites, we hope you love your new decor! Your free printables will certainly bring spring into your home.

In case you missed it, sign up here to receive the 5 Floral Prints from Just Homemaking.

Have a Happy Spring and a Blessed Easter, Friend!

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