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Sharing Favorite Home Buys from Amazon with Friends

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It’s fun for me to hear other moms talk about products they love in their homes. That’s why I thought I’d share mine with you!

There are so many great products out there that make life easier. Here are a few that I use all the time.

iRobot Roomba

I’ve had this robot vacuum for over a year and absolutely love it. I recommend it to friends all the time.

It works on my kitchen’s wood floors, goes over the rugs, over thresholds, and of course cleans my carpeted living room.

It is a bit loud if someone is trying to hear the TV or chatting, but wouldn’t wake up a child from a nap. I mostly use it through my kitchen because it saves me time from sweeping constantly. While I’m doing the dishes it can be cleaning the floors.

It’s especially nice to run when I leave the house because I come home to CLEAN FLOORS 🙂

It has a “spot” feature that cleans up one spot (a circle about 2-3 feet wide) if a goldfish cracker gets stepped on. You simply carry it to that spot and press the button. It runs for about 30 seconds. I love that I can walk away and do the other things that need to get done.

The Roomba replacement parts can get a little pricey, but I found this off-brand version on Amazon and they work great.

Here is another link to a GOOVI brand robot vacuum. It has amazing reviews as well!

Kids Cups with Lids

If you have young kids at home and feel like you go through 20 cups per day, check these out.

I bought these last Fall hoping to cut down on the kids changing cups multiple time per day and to get away from sippy cups. We rinse out the cups and use them over and over all day.

Sippy cups aren’t the best option for constant use for toddlers (you can read why HERE) so I wanted to get away from using them. I also wanted to have the option to use a lid. That’s why I settled on the Munchkin cups.

We’ve really liked these!

And while I’m talking about cups, if you’re looking for a lunchbox option, these have been perfect. We refill them and stick them in the fridge so they’re always ready to grab and go.

Tiered Basket

It’s amazing how a little seasonal decor can go a long way. I’m not a huge fan of “knick-knacks” or clutter, but having some simple decor in my kitchen just makes me feel good.

My tiered basket is in the middle of my island. If I’m baking or need more prep space for dinner, I simply move it to my other counter.

I enjoy finding some simple modern farmhouse decorations on sale or in the Target dollar spot and organizing them in my tiered baskets. It “sparks joy” as I go about my day.

I change things out for seasons or holidays. Usually I incorporate flowers, a candle, a sign that has a word that inspires me, or a plant (greenery is good for the soul).

Throw Pillow Covers

A super simple and cheap way to change out your decor is to switch your couch throw pillow covers.

I just purchased these pretty pale pink corduroy pillow covers and love the way they compliment my gray couch. They work great for Valentine’s season and Springtime.

Start with a 4-pack of basic white pillows like this…

Then browse Amazon’s selection of 2 or 4-pack pillow covers. Just make sure they’re the same size as your inserts. I use 18×18 on my couches.

Here are some that I’ve purchased in the past…

It’s so cheap to change up the look of your living room this way. And they’re easy to store for next year, too!

Dryer Balls

This one isn’t the most fun, but such a practical, frugal, and natural investment. I’ve had my wool dryer balls for probably 5 years and they’re still working great.

Dryer balls are used in place of dryer sheets. They soften laundry, remove static, and shorten dry time.

Have you heard how awful dryer sheets are? If not, read about it HERE. Switching to dryer balls is good for so many reasons.

Cabinet Knobs

A simple way to spruce up your kitchen is to change out the knobs and pulls on your cabinets. I wanted a more modern look, so I found these matte black handles. They look great on my gray and white cabinets.

The small circle knobs are pretty standard and super simple to install. I like the matte finish to make them modern looking. You only need a screw driver to change our your old ones!

The long pulls are also modern but I think they’re still pretty. They work great for the floor to ceiling pantry doors.

I like the short pulls on my standard sized cabinets. They’re easy for my kids to grab and don’t show fingerprints.

If you’re not into modern black hardware, Amazon still has many options you can buy in bulk. You can save a ton of money compared to buying at your local hardware store.

Portable iPhone Charger

This cute little charger is very convenient. I throw it in my purse if I see my battery is low or I’m going to be gone all day. I’ve also used it around my house when I’m using my phone and can’t be by an outlet.

It’s the size of a lipstick and comes with a mesh cover for protection. Anker is a well-known electronics brand and it has worked for me for a couple years.

You will also need a cord to go with it, if you don’t already have an extra one!

Pie Drip Pan

My favorite Fall hobby is making apple pie. Everything about it is perfect…the smell, the taste, the homemade love that goes into every bite.

But I had one huge problem. It was filled with so much goodness that the goodness would leak out of the pie tin all over my oven.

I found these AMAZING drip pans and have never had a problem since. My pie still bakes evenly because of the hole in the middle, but all the drips are kept safe, never to smoke out my house again.

Well, that was Fun!

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Thanks for reading along! Please share your home favorites in the comments below!


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