Attention Husbands: Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

A Look Inside: Fellas, are you searching for the best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for wife? Is she someone you want to appreciate with a sweet and thoughtful gift? You’ve come to the right place! This list will make it easy to shop for the mom you’re celebrating. You can’t go wrong with one of these mother’s day gifts from husband.

Most moms I know, including myself, love receiving gifts that are practical as mothers day gifts from our husband. We appreciate getting presents that are useful, that won’t go to waste or take up unnecessary space, but that we’re hesitant to purchase for ourselves. So truly, if you’re wondering what moms really want for Mother’s Day, just stick to this list!

Practical Gifts Your Wife Actually Wants

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide contains 18 awesome ideas that your wife will love! Just Homemaking has 4 women writing for us consistently, and all of the following items have been approved by all 4 of us! You might say “4 out of 4 women approve this message.”

Prices range across the board, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that suits the special lady you’re shopping for, while keeping your bank account happy!

Mother’s Day Gifts Delivered

All of these Mother’s Day gift ideas are available on Amazon. You won’t have to dash in and out of stores looking for the perfect gift as time runs out and the pressure mounts. (Just a hunch that maybe that’s happened to you before?)

By having your Mother’s Day gifts delivered, you can rest easy knowing that everything should arrive on time.

AND BONUS: Many of the items on this list have gift wrap options available for a small fee!

You’ll get ALL the points for being the thoughtful husband, without having to break a sweat. Alright, are you ready to see The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife? She’s gonna love these…

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18 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

1. Hot Air Popper | $ | Let’s Get it Poppin’

One thing you gotta know about moms is, we love our snacks! Seriously, just feed us and tell us we’re pretty. Bonus if we get to eat our snacks alone while watching a favorite show.

I’m a bit of a popcorn enthusiast. My husband and four boys gifted me with this hot air popper one Mother’s Day many moons ago, and it was the perfect gift for me! The popcorn tastes fresh and delicious—so much so that I usually skip the popcorn at the movie theater now, because I prefer the kind I can make at home. Everyone I’ve ever made popcorn for has told me that it’s the absolute best, too! I love to pair it with this movie theater butter and some salt— easy peasy!

2. Ice Cream Maker | $$ | We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Oh my, what mom doesn’t love curling up with a soft blanket and a bowl of ice cream? This Cuisinart ice cream maker is so cute and comes with great reviews!

Tip: If your wife has a Kitchenaid Mixer, you can get an ice cream attachment that fits right on it!

I purchased THIS Kitchenaid Ice Cream Attachment (actually, it was a gift for my husband—who’s OBSESSED with ice cream!) a year ago. We love the way it works and the ice cream tastes so fresh and pure. I think 3 people have bought their own Kitchenaid Ice Cream Attachment after sampling some of our homemade ice cream.

Read: How to Use Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker for simple instructions and delicious recipes!

If the lady on your list owns a Kitchenaid mixer, this is a great addition that doesn’t take up any extra space like a whole separate appliance would!

3. Desk Chair | $$$ | CHAIRity Case

Right now, many of us have switched to working from home. I’ve been using a hard dining room chair and have had a nice, ergonomic office chair in my Amazon cart for a long time, but always talk myself out of buying it. Moms don’t love spending money on themselves for things they “can do without”.

If your wife does a lot of work at a desk, I can GUARANTEE that she will be so thankful for a comfy space to sit in.

4. Fuzzy Socks | $ | Sock it to Me

My feet are ALWAYS cold. Even in the summer. My husband hates that I’m always warming them up on him when we get into bed. (I can’t help it—- the man RADIATES heat!).

Does your wife torture YOU this way, too?

Thankfully, I found these perfect socks. They’re thick and fuzzy on the inside, without being tight or restrictive AT ALL. Also, they’re so comfortable and warm! They’re a bit of a splurge as far as socks go, but I normally hate socks, so when I found these gems, I was happy to buy a few pairs and throw them on when my tootsies get cold.

If the mom on your list suffers from chronically cold feet, it might shock you how excited she’ll be to wear these!

5. Magnolia Table Cookbook | $ | Girl Crush

Joanna Gaines is a living legend, and most moms I know just absolutely adore her! Her latest cookbook will be a winning gift for sure! And with Amazon prime, it’ll be delivered faster than you can say, “shiplap.” ?

6. Robot Vacuum | $$$ | Because Cleaning Sucks

I think I was a little behind on the robot vacuum trend. I finally pulled the trigger on buying one a couple weeks ago. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! Oh my goodness, game changer!

This is the exact one I have, and my whole family loves it. Plus, every time I check the link online, there’s a coupon for it!

I know what you’re thinking– isn’t it taboo to buy your wife a vacuum? The answer is… NO!

Remember that question we asked: What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Clean floors! She wants clean floors!

Every mom that I know who’s gotten a robot vacuum is absolutely OBSESSED with her new best friend, and will probably even give it a proper name! The mom on your list is sure to love a thoughtful gift like this— it’ll save her so much time trying to maintain the cleanliness of her floors, and you’ll get to be the hero… well, second in line to the robot vacuum, that is…

7. Curling Wand | $$ | Wave a Magic Wand

This curling wand is amazing! And, it’s so cute in blush! I own and love the L’ange curling wand—-I don’t even have to use hairspray or any hair products to get beautiful waves or curls, which may not be the case for every woman, but it works wonders for me!

Side note— I’ve purchased the L’ange hair dryer and DO NOT recommend it! Although pretty, it broke on me twice in just a few months. They sent me two replacements, but considering it took 3 of their blow dryers to find one that wasn’t faulty, I would suggest skipping it altogether and looking elsewhere. But their curling wand is BOMB!

If your lady longs for lovely locks (<<< say THAT three times fast!), treat her tresses with a new curling wand!

8. Makeup Brush Mat | $ | Clean Brushes Matter, too!

If your wife wears makeup, then it’s imperative that she cleans her makeup brushes! But it’s SUCH a pain! No woman I know is ever excited to do this chore.


Handy products like this became available! Pair the cleansing mat with a cleanser like this makeup brush shampoo, and this would make a perfect gift for the Beauty Queen in your life.

9. Chapstick Holder | $ | Oh, Chappy Day!

Do you know a girl who has a car chapstick, a bedside table chapstick, a purse chapstick, a pocket chapstick, etc? If you don’t experience this yourself, then you have no idea how something like forgetting your chapstick can ruin someone’s day!

These chapstick holder key rings ensure that the lip balm addict on your list never has to endure the struggle of dry lips again!

10. Hat | $ | Mad Hatter

Don’t ladies look so cute in ballcaps?! Sometimes it’s a fashion statement, and other times it’s because we didn’t feel like doing our hair. Meh.

Either way, we love having a new hat to throw into the rotation! I always get tons of compliments when I wear this adorable pink, suede baseball hat!

11. 3 Tiered Tray | $$ | Tres Chic

Three-tiered trays like this are all the rage right now! It allows women of the house to decorate with cute knick-knacks or tchotchkes without having them take up the whole house. They’re so versatile, the sky’s the limit. Here are a few ways I’ve swapped out decor for different seasons:

If your wife enjoys decorating, she’ll love the chance to display her decor in her new tray!

Read: Free Printables for Spring to add some new wall art to her decor arsenal!

12. Earrings | $ | Jewelry ALWAYS Fits

Earrings are a great gift choice because you can’t go wrong! No fretting about choosing the wrong size! (I KNOW you’ve worried about that before!) Pick something that looks like her style, and wham! Pretty lobes instantly.

These drop earrings are super cute and could be dressed up or down effortlessly.

13. Umbrella | $ | Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

An umbrella might seem like a weird choice for a gift, but think about it— who likes getting drenched when they’re running necessary errands, going to and from work, or when they finally get a night out on the town? Not a mom that invested time into choosing her outfit or doing her hair!

This Totes umbrella is a big bubble of protection from the elements. It’s high quality—very strong and sturdy. The clear design is wonderful so she can be fully protected from the rain without inhibiting her line of vision, and it won’t clash with her outfit!

I own 3 of these wonderful umbrellas— I keep one in my car, one in the house by the coat rack, and have an extra just in case. Anytime I’m caught in the rain with one of my umbrellas, other women are ALWAYS asking where I got it. If you know someone who is sick of getting rained on, one or two of these would be well-received!

14. Bluetooth Earbuds | $$ | An Extra Set of Hands

Next on the list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife is bluetooth earbuds! There’s a reason things have gone wireless…. it’s just more convenient! Bluetooth earbuds will allow the busy mom on your list to do things hands-free. What mom do you know that doesn’t need an extra set of hands?!

Whether she’s listening to music on her morning jog, or indulging in her favorite podcast while she cleans the house, your wife will love such a thoughtful present!

15. Sneakers | $$ | Soothe her Sole

Moms need the option to be effortlessly cute, and to be able to run out the door in a moment’s notice. I have these adorable slip-on sneakers and LOVE them! The blush color goes with practically everything, and I can slip them on and off in no time, even with my arms full of grocery bags.

You can sneak a peek at her current favorite pair of shoes to make sure you’re getting the right size!

16. Hammock | $$ | Just Hangin’ Out

Mama needs a break. Give her a refreshing drink, a good book, and a hammock to help her take a load off! This hammock is super comfy and durable (I’ve had mine for about 5 years now).

Perhaps the best thing about this hammock is that it comes with a stand, so nobody has to try to set it up and worry about it crashing with Mama in it! Set it up ANYWHERE and let her enjoy a little well deserved R&R.

17. Stadium Chair | $$ | Bleacher Babe

Moms love to cheer on their kids, don’t they? I have four boys and feel like I’ve spent half my life in bleachers— time well spent, but it can be hard on the back and booty! 

This Stadium Chair was another great gift Handsome Hubby and the boys gave to me several Mother’s Days ago. It’s so convenient to carry on my back like a backpack and set it up on the bleachers to watch my kids do what they love. It has 3 reclining positions, a mesh cup holder, and comes in several colors!

Other moms are always asking me where I got my awesome Stadium Boss chair, and it gives me a chance to brag on my husband and kids for a minute because they really got me the perfect gift!

18. Luggage | $$$ | Straight Trippin’

If the mom on your shopping list loves to travel, how about investing in a nice luggage set for her? I bought this one for my trip to Europe last year.

It’s fan-freaking-tastic!

The compartments are huge, the spin-wheels glide across the floor effortlessly, and they’re so stylish. The pretty color pops at baggage claim (and there are several colors to choose from)! I love all the different sizes to accommodate various trips, and they nest within each other for storage, which makes this a gigantic win!

Mother's Day Free Printable

Did You Like this Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife?

Hubbies, I hope you’ll agree— these are some of the best Mother’s Day Gifts a husband can buy! These practical gifts are ones that any woman would be happy to receive!

What would you add to the list? Drop your answer in the comments, and may you have a wonderful time celebrating the special mama in your life!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife


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