10 Fun & Simple Fall Recipes for Kids

Try one of these simple Fall recipes for kids at your next gathering! These recipes have been tried and loved by our Just Homemaking families, and your kids are sure to love them, too. There are delicious dinner ideas, fall baked goods, and super easy snacks. Try one or all of our fun fall recipes for kids to make or just enjoy!


Easy Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinners

Gf Df Recipes

Are you looking for easy gluten free dairy free dinners your entire family can eat? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut making the same few meals over and over? In this post you will find several simple gf df dinner ideas that families with food allergies will absolutely love, as well as some of our favorite gluten and dairy free products!


Simple Homemade Toffee

Simple Homemade Toffee Recipe My Aunt Kathie makes THE BEST toffee. I remember looking forward to it every Christmas season, when she would bring a tray for the Family Christmas Party, and send a container of it home with each of her siblings. When I became a young wife and mom at age 20, I wanted to make it for my new family. It was one of those things that I wanted to make sure I knew how to do.  Thankfully, Aunt Kathie isn’t stingy with her recipes. And now I’m so glad I know how to make it. I moved 850 miles away from my family, but can still …

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Delicious Lara Ball Recipe that’s so good you’ll fight your kids for the last one

Lara balls

Looking for a great lara ball recipe? You’ve got to try this chocolate lara ball! If you’re anything like me, you’ll fight over them with your kids! Seriously, so good! You’re probably wondering, “what do you put in lara balls that make them taste so good?”. Well, what if I told you they only have 5 ingredients… and you can pronounce them all!?