Best New Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a Board Game Lover in your life? Or maybe a screen-free gift for a fun kid? If so, continue scrolling for a list of 17 of the Best Gifts for Board Game Lovers.

These games are great for a family game night. Kids and adults alike will be sure to find some fun new ideas they haven’t tried yet.

Trying to find a gift on a budget? No matter how much you want to spend, you are sure to find some goodies here. These Board Game Gifts start at just $5!

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Gifts for Board Game Lovers


Azul is a super fun game with the prettiest tiles. I love to look at them and pick them up!

The goal of the game is to collect and arrange your tiles in a way that will give you the most points and stick your fellow players with tiles that they cannot use. It involves strategy but is also simple enough our 8 year old can play.

Azul is for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. We bought this game based on the reviews and it never disappoints.


Life is a fun family board game in which you pick a career, have a family, buy a house, get a paycheck and much more!

It is recommended for ages 8 and up and for 2-4 players. Life is a classic and I remember playing it with my friends and family. It belongs in every family’s board game arsenal!

DIY Board Game

If your kids are into board games, how fun to let them create one of their own!

I first heard about this set from my sister-in-law. She got it for her son and they have really enjoyed it. It is on my Christmas list to purchase this year for one of our kids. 

This is great for using your imagination and sparking creativity. It includes dice, a spinner, a game board, 6 pawns, 104 blank cards and 3 blank dice. All you need is a creative mind and a marker!


I love Yahtzee! I love the simplicity of it. All you need is your score pad, some dice, and something to write with. It is great for teaching numbers, addition, and tactics as you have certain goals to achieve as you build up your points.

Yahtzee is perfect to play at home and easy to throw in a vehicle to bring to a party or on a trip.

Strategy Games Gifts


I am going to be honest. I am terrible at Mastermind. My kids beat me every single time. They love it, though!

My husband enjoys playing this with our two older boys and they love to try to guess the pattern their opponent has secretly picked in a certain amount of guesses. They are all masterminds in my eyes!


My husband and I played Rummikub a lot while dating and we still play it with our kids. This is a rummy style game played with tiles and the goal is to get rid of your tiles first!

It’s great for learning to strategize.

It is one of the most sold games and is a favorite by many! Recommended for ages 8 and up and 2-4 players.

Best Card Games Gifts

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

We got Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza as a gift for our son’s 11th birthday. We love that it’s small and easy to store but provides tons of fun.

This card game is fast paced and the goal is to get rid of all your cards first. It involves hand slapping and motions that throw everybody off.

The great thing about this game is that you can set your pace. The directions say to keep it at a steady pace, but when we play with our 8 year old we keep it at a pace that he can keep up.

It’s great for following cues, hand eye coordination, and reflexes. We love that you can play a game in about 10 to 15 minutes and it always results in laughs!

Kids Create Absurdity

This game makes us laugh hard. It is similar to Apples to Apples but Kids Create Absurdity is a cleaner kid friendly game. It does have some toilet humor (which our boys, nieces, and nephews adore).

Playing Cards

We love to play cards! Some of our favorite games to play are: King’s Corner, Poker, Blitz, Spoons, War, Golf, Ratfink, and Rummy.

I love that these don’t take up much space to store and they can teach skills such as strategy and learning how to be a good team player!

Fun Word Games Gifts


We are bananas over Bananagrams! My Mother-In-Law got us this game after our boys had a blast playing it at her house.

This game is great for ages 7 and up. The goal is to use your letter tiles to spell words in crossword format and be the first to get rid of all your tiles. You can adapt for kids who are just learning to spell and let them spell their words separately instead of making their tiles all connect in a crossword.

We have the party edition which throws a few twists when you play the game. Any version of this game would be a great edition to your game collection!

Mad Libs

These are the best! We are always looking for activities for our kids to do in the van. These are a great way to practice language and reading skills and they always result in several laughs. Mad Libs are perfect for a small gift or a stocking stuffer!

More Great Gifts for Game Lovers

My World Interactive Map

We purchased this map for one of our boys a few years ago and it has been one of our favorite purchases to date.

The map can lay on the floor or be hung on the wall. It is interactive and teaches everything from geography to flags to famous landmarks.

The volume is adjustable (which is a great feature). Our boys have learned so much from this map and I should probably spend some time interacting with it myself!

Check out this video where I explain more!

Laser Maze

Laser Maze teaches a lot about light and reflection, as well as how light can be affected and bounced off of mirrors. It’s a great hands-on game that can be played independently or with friends.

The game comes with different challenges and your goal is to get the light to shine at the target at the end of the puzzle!


Our boys were given these Magna-Tiles as a gift about 6 years ago and we have used them ever since. They hold up very well and make excellent train tunnels, buildings, game boards and so much more. These magnets always make an appearance no matter what they are playing.

There are several brands of magnets available and I am sure they work great. This is the set we were given and it has held up so well for us and they are extremely versatile.

Creativity For Kids Little Books

This set of 3 books is so neat! The recommended age is 4 and up but our kids enjoyed making these books into school age years.

The books are hardcover and are perfect for your authors and illustrators. We have gotten these on a few different occasions and have the completed ones sitting in our kids keepsake bins.

They are a great hands on activity and can be as elaborate or simple as desired. They do come with stickers and markers!  Well worth the price!

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies make it easy to create your own games! Cops and Robbers, Military, Different Versions of Hide and Seek, etc.

Our boys love them. That is, when they all figured out how to use them correctly. (It’s so hard to remember to hold the button down every time you talk!) 

We don’t have this specific set but these have great reviews and might give some good entertainment on some colder winter days.  

100 Piece Dice Set

I laugh every time I think of these dice. We got these for our son for his 11th birthday and they have been SO fun. There is so much to love about this set.

It includes 100 dice in 10 different colors. We have made up so many games with these dice. My favorite is giving each person a color of dice and trying to roll all 1’s, then all 2’s, all 3’s and so on. We have played war, practiced math facts, and stacked them.

The options are endless!

It even comes with a drawstring bag for traveling and storage.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Games are a great way to draw families close and put the screens away. Hopefully this list was helpful as you shop for your loved ones this season.

Wishing you hours of laughter and great memories as you unplug with your family. 

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Gifts for Board Game Lovers


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