5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude | Day 4

Thanksgiving Devotional: Day 4

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We have two cats, Daisy and Ozzy. They are 5 ½ and soon to be 6 years old, respectively.

I’m not sure, but I think a lot of cats are similar in nature in that they always think they are starving. They are hungry for more even as they begin to eat their full dish.

Our cat, Ozzy, takes his food pretty seriously. He was a bit overweight and also had some health issues so we changed what and how much he was eating.

He handled the change in food very well. So well that he just can’t get enough. If he were born in the 80’s I’m sure he would spend his time singing the song “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode ALL DAY LONG.

We used to give him his favorite food first thing in the morning. After a couple years of this routine, we learned that Ozzy is very manipulative.

If he wanted his breakfast before we were up, he used to purposely rub his paw pads on the kids’ bedroom doors to wake them up.

He knew that when the kids got up, my husband or I had to get up, and ultimately, he would get his precious breakfast.

That’s not all.

Serious Pursuit

Some mornings he would play a game I like to call “lamp.”

He would get on the bed and proceed to get on my nightstand and knock my lamp over. On purpose!

Sometimes it would fall on the floor. “OZZY! No Lamp!” Or “He is doing lamp again…”

We would get up, frustrated, and Ozzy would get his breakfast.

He used to follow the kids around and try and nip their legs. They would go and give him food and he would be happy.

Now, our boys take turns feeding our cats. That has been helpful because Ozzy has learned more patience.

He knows one of them is going to feed him but he just doesn’t know his days of the week. “Ozzy, it’s Sunday. It’s not his turn to feed you anymore.”

Some mornings, if his caretaker is not awake yet, he walks over to our indoor plants and starts to eat them.

The second he is given his food he stops eating the plants, pawing at doors, trying to bite kids, and knocking over lamps.

Ozzy is relentless.

We have made some changes and he doesn’t get his favorite food first thing in the morning. He gets it at night now so many of his shenanigans have let up in the morning. Thank goodness.

We Serve a Relentless God

As much as our cat pursues his food each day, it’s nothing compared to how much God pursues you.

He is head over heels for you.

David says in Psalm 139 that God pays such close attention to us that He knows when we sit and when we rise.

He knows the words we are going to say tomorrow.

He closes us tight behind and before, just like the hem on the bottom of your shirt.

He made you and He is relentlessly seeking your attention.

Not because He needs it, but because He knows that time with Him will renew you.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and your Creator’s love for you is tireless and unbroken.

Growing an Attitude of Gratitude

Read Psalm 139 today and praise God for his relentless love for you.  Also, praise God that you can talk to Him and he will hear you and understand you…talking to your cat is futile.

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