5 Days to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude | Day 3

Thanksgiving Devotional: Day 3

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“Mom, guess how many rounds I won on MarioKart!”

“Guess how many shots I just made in a row!”

“Guess how many times the cats tried to get me to feed them today!”

I have to be honest, I feel my heart skip a beat every time a sentence starts with, “Mom, guess…”

I don’t mind guessing once or twice, but it never stops there.

The kids get more excited every time I get it wrong.

“Try again.”

“Not right.”

“Try again.”




“Just guess.”

It inevitably ends in me saying, “Please, just tell me. I just don’t know these things.”

They then proceed to tell me and look at me wide-eyed and say, “Did you really not know that?”

Nope. I did not know that.

You might think they would quit asking me at some point. That they would figure out that Mom never gets it right.

They don’t. They continue to come to me with questions burning in their eyes.

Questioning The Master

Sometimes I see myself in their eyes.

I see myself asking God questions. Tough questions. Over and over again.

Wide-eyed, anticipating the answer.

I have seen myself asking Him over and over again why He answers some requests and not others.

You see, when you are on the asking side of the question-process, you can easily get caught up in getting to the answer. And quickly.

God’s plans don’t often work like that. Honestly, it seems they rarely do.

During those days of asking the same questions over and over, God is working. He is working for the good. Our good.

He delights in us. He takes great joy in us.

I don’t know about you but I love to claim that promise. Especially in the broken world we live in. He rejoices over us in singing.

It may not be the same day, week, month, or even year but you will see His work.

Maybe His work won’t be the answered question, but rather a transformed heart or a different opportunity.

His glory will be evident and He will say, “This is the answer to your question. See how I have worked. For your good.”

Growing an Attitude of Gratitude

Read  Zephaniah 3:17 and thank God today for the ways He has worked in your life. How He is always there listening to our questions and requests, and how He always, always, gets the answer right.

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